Emmy Award-winning Animation Voice Director Stevie Vallance is a production force who knows both sides of the voice-over world better than anyone else! Now a 3-time Emmy nominee and 1-time Emmy Award recipient (Madeline/Disney), Stevie acquired her cartoon voice-over acting/directing chops from a strong musical comedy background combined with improv from the Groundlings, in LA, and a regular role on 3-camera sit-com The Ropers opposite Norman Fell and Jeffrey Tambor. Her appreciation of children's theater and natural instincts for directing pre-school kids comes from her original creation of a 9-year-old, pink marsupial named 'Whazzat Kangaroo', on Hallmark's 1987 Emmy Award-winning series Zoobilee Zoo, opposite Ben Vereen. Vallance went on to voice hundreds of animation roles in the 80s; while in between her on-camera acting. She played leads and regular roles on tv shows such as Knots Landing (regular role of singer 'Sylvie'), Road to Avonlea (Christopher Reeve's love interest 'Amanda Stone'),  Night Heat as 'Detective Stevie Brody', and Slam Dunk Ernest (as Jim Varney's girlfriend 'Erma Terradiddle).

Among her plethora of cartoon acting roles she voiced 'Gina' & 'Mrs. Mitchell' on Dennis the Menace, 'Mouse' & 'Rocky' on Reboot, 'Miss Clavel (the nun) & 'Genevive' (the dog) on Madeline, 'Sharebear' in all of the Carebear movies, 'Party' on The Popples, 'Tigrerra' on Bakugan Brawlers, ETC!

Now a full-fledged Casting and Voice Director for Animation Acting, Stevie has directed several network series such as Silverwing for Bardel, Totally Spies for Marathon, Best Ed for 9Story, Growing Up Creepie for Discovery Kids/Mike Young.
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As a way to meet fresh talent for her shows, Stevie has helped Toons find their voices since 1995 when she created her brand-name Tooned In! workshops which she tours in the U.S. and Canada. Watch this 4 minute clip of Stevie's '5 Golden Rules' to Voice-over Acting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGnrKtDwUWo.

CURRENLTY: Stevie just wrapped the position of Voice Director for Corus Entertainment's brand new female super-hero series, THE MYSTICONS (released: Fall 2017). Prior to this she completed 3 years, in Los Angeles, casting and voice-directing 104 X11 episodes of Nicktoon's Wild Grinders (starring skateboard guru Rob Dyrdek), for executive producer Bill Schultz (Home Plate Ent); and 104 X22 minute episodes of the beloved pre-school series Guess How Much I Love You, for Disney Junior.

Stevie is a Jazz vocalist and has self-produced 5 CDs including Divas for Life where she helped raise $70,000 for people living with Life-threatening illness, by conceiving and producing 3 benefit concerts and a CD (Just in Time), that headlined 6 powerful 'Super-hero Divas' and packed Vancouver's Vogue Theatre 2 years in a row (2500 seats). I guess that's where her penchant for music comes in handy and perhaps that is why directing all of the songs and two CDs (Rhino) on Disney's Madeline came naturally, on her very first voice-directing job back in 1994!

Stevie is currently based in Yorkville, Toronto and lives with her 85 year old Dad and her 2 dogs. She possesses both U.S. and Canadian passports and feels quite at home in either soil.

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Voice Direction

Stevie has created a show for Kids on YouTube called 'R U Tooned In!'. Here is one of the episodes http://youtu.be/-0iO0aL-rR4 

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Animation Voice-over Acting

Stevie's first cartoon voice-over acting break was on Inspector Gadget -- thanks to Marsha Goodman, who put Vallance in front of a mic, sandwiched between Don Adams and June Foray. Later in her career Stevie was cast in 70 episodes of the show's spin-off, Gadget Boy. She played the wicked 'Spydra', a Medusa-type character who had to put up with a wisecracking parrot named Boris, voiced by Maurice LaMarche.

Vallance first became known as the 'Cartoon Queen' for her prolific work infusing life and personality into characters on hundreds of animation shows, including 'Mouse' on Reboot, 'Share Bear' on the Care Bear movies, 'Dixie' on Donkey Kong Country, ‘Jinenji's mother’ on Inuyasha, 'Sonia' on Sonic the Hedgehog, 'Party' on The Popples, 'G.L.A.D.I.S.' on Totally Spies, ‘Miss Clavel’ and ‘Genevive’ on Madeline, 'Gnat' on Growing Up Creepie, and 'Tigrerra' on Bakugan.

While based in LA, Stevie also played a very different sort of character, on the Hallmark children’s TV series, Zoobilee Zoo. Wearing facial prosthetics and a pink faux-fur costume, Stevie created the role of a dancing, pink marsupial named 'Whazzat Kangaroo'. Whazzat loved to sing and play music on the instruments she pulled out of her costume’s ‘magical’ pouch. Alongside six other Zoobles, one of whom just happened to be Ben Vereen, the Zoobles were half human and half animal. The 65 episodes were co-produced by Steve Binder (Pee Wee’s Playhouse), and went on to win an Emmy in 1987.

Vallance also got to voice multiple roles alongside Carol Channing, Charo and John Hurt (to name a few), on two Don Bluth animated features, Thumbelina and The Pebble and the Penguin, which also starred Martin Short, Annie Golden, Tim Curry and Jim Belushi.

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Testimonials from Executive Producers

Our lovely cast kills it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME... THANK YOU for all your hard work to get us to this point. It's literally been YEARS that we've worked on this together. To me, you'll ALWAYS be a Mysticon hero. ~ Sean Jara (Creator of The Mysticons)

Stevie's work on Totally Spies was intense and exciting. I was particularly happy with how involved she was with the series, which is not a given in this day and age of voice direction in kids' television. Expert, High Integrity, Creative. ~ David Michel, Co-Founder Marathon, Executive Producer of Totally Spies.

Just completed the Tooned In animation voice workshop taught by the incredibly talented Emmy-winning voice director Stevie Vallance. I highly recommend Stevie's workshop, not just for voice actors, but for writers and showrunners who want to create better dialogue and characters for their animated series. ~ Ed Kaye, Writer & Producer, Jimmy Two Shoes.

Stevie is a strong creative voice who works to make sure everyone is happy - and you get what you need.  She is collaborative and tireless in pursuit of the vision - and a great communicator! ~ Bill Schultz, Home Plate Ent, Wild Grinders (Season 1 & 2), Nicktoons

I'm so glad you are a part of our team! It has been a pleasure! You bring so much -- I couldn't have asked for more!!! ~ Bill Schultz, Executive Producer Home Plate Ent, Guess How Much I Love You, Disney Jr.

Stevie is a delight to work with! She has voice directed a number of Mattel's television specials. Her passion and personality add lots of energy to the production! Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative ~ Audu Paden´╗┐, Senior Director and Supervising Producer of Polly Pocket, Mattel

Your contributions as a voice talent and singer would be more than sufficient to earn praise, but your gifts as a voice director and music coach are exceptional... The critical success of our show is due in no small part to your considerable efforts.
    ~ Stan Phillips, Executive Producer, Madeline, DIC Enterprises

I am more than honored to...walk along side someone that strives to bring integrity, passion and professionalism to our business.
    ~ Producer, Silverwing, Bardel

Thanks for all your dedication and hard work... and thank you for being the wonderful, talented and gracious director that you are! I'm recommending you to everyone here at Discovery Kids!!
    ~ Melinda Toporoff, Executive Producer, Growing Up Creepie, Discovery Kids

I thought you were grace under pressure!
    ~ Audu Paden, Sr. Director, Supervising Producer, Polly Pocket, Mattel

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