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Sean Jara (Creator of The Mysticons): “Our lovely cast kills it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME... THANK YOU for all your hard work to get us to this point. It's literally been YEARS that we've worked on this together. To me, you'll ALWAYS be a Mysticon hero.”

Ana/Mysticon: “All I can say is thank you for always being so welcoming, Stevie. You are kind and loving and have a wonderful energy. You made me feel so comfortable for my first "big gig". I'm very glad to have worked with you, Stevie. ♡ You will always be a Mysticon.”

Nicki/Mysticon: “When i heard you were going to be our director i was over the moon and so stoked to check that experience off of my list... you are an integral part to who we are and have become.”

Evany/Mysticon: “Your presence at every record is so powerful and special.”

Alyson/Mysticon: “... a friend and someone who likes being directed by u.”


Aswad, Stacey, VOBuzzWeekly, LA, CA: “Stevie, you are my Virgo Animal Loving Sex Symbol Sister without question!!! It was such an honor to spend time with you, Chuck and I are mad for you!!! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and heart!!! xo... It's going to be pretty awesome, Stevie goes there!!!... You are simply magnificent, thanks for sharing part of your Canada Day with us!!! These episodes are going in the VO Hall of Fame!!! You're the best and your episodes are pure genius!!! Thx for getting BUZZ-ed with us!!!”

Becatti, Ana, 1-day, Toronto, ON: “It was an awesome workshop I have learned so much. Thank you Stevie Vallance!!! You are wonderful.”

Bell, Adrian, Masters, Toronto, ON: “I’m having withdrawal symptoms. Was last class really last night? Six weeks flew by! You're a great teacher and a great talent.”

La Bella, Tess, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “Tess La Bella
Hello Stevie, just watched your Vobuzz weekly interview. TWICE!. I loved it, I loved your energy and beautiful charisma . I admire all your dedication and just the pure passion you have for this craft. Still working on Zoobilee Zoo coming back to life . Best wishes for all your continued success. I'm a huge fan.”

Bren, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “Fantastic Chuck, stacey, and Stevie! Awesome. I am so excited. Everything Stevie says is so true! I'm really going to apply this rules as I continue on my V.O. (especially Character V.O. actor path)!”

Broomes, Abayomi, 1-day, Toronto, ON: “Too much fun...felt like I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL TODAY... ALMOST GOT SENT TOO THE OFFICE. :)”

Bruce, Alita Gadie, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “I appreciate being apart of this group. Great interview on VO Buzz Weekly. Not taking it personally.”

Bush, Michelle, Lynette, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “I thoroughly enjoyed both episodes and I think you are an incredibly talented woman who is very gracious and lovely for sharing your knowledge with everyone! Hilariously funny and such a sensual got it all goin' on! You really inspire me in so many ways. Thanks so much for adding me to this group!”

Child, Ruthie, re VOBuzzWeekly interview, New Zealand: "And it was sooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing!! :D Stevie! Your energy is never ending! :O And what fun! Perfect questions were asked and your answers are going to be SO helpful for those wanting to get into the industry. <3 That was so full on and thoroughly enjoyable. :) Cannot wait until next sunday! :D :D :D"

Chris, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “So many of her tips are rules of improv comedy. Not over thinking, making big and bold choices, and not being afraid to take chances are traits that talented improvisers have.”

Chuck, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “Stevie Vallance is a superstar!!! WOW! I can't believe how much amazing and useful information Stevie shares in this episode. Oh yeah, and wait for the kicker.... part 2 is even BETTER if you can believe that. Thank you for sharing your awesomeness Stevie!!”

Congo, Conchita, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “Fabulous! THANX!”

Cundiff, Nathan, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “Absolutely awesome!!!!”

Dalton, Donald, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: Ok, this is VO (voice over) excitement. I just watched over an hour interview with the amazing Stevie Vallance on VOBuzzWeekly. I learned a few things, and had a few things confirmed. To say I am inspired would be an understatement! Part one of the interview ended after 40 minutes. It felt like only 10. If you don't know who the amazingly talented Stevie Valance is, take a look below.

Duran, Chuck, VOBuzzWeekly, LA, CA” YOU were AMAZING today!!!! Thank you for spending time with Stacey and I and sharing the inside scoop on the animation side of voiceover. People from all over the world are going to FREAK!!!!!... It was an amazing time for sure Stevie Vallance !! You totally rocked!!”

Duvall, Nathan, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “Looking forward to her Oscar acceptance speech!”

Ellis, Mel, ‘Voice Direction by Stevie Vallance’ Facebook group (over 3000 members): “I feel as though I have been wandering a lonely road in Voiceland, and Stevie (Goddess of Animation) has given me shelter with this group. Lol. Thanks for the add Stevie !!!”

de la Fuente, Barbara, 1-day, Toronto, ON: “What an amazing animation workshop with Emmy Award-winning, LA Casting and Voice Director Stevie Vallance. I learned a lot and had lots of fun. A great way to spend my Sunday.”

Geter, Kimberly, VOBuzzWeekly interview: “Awesome! I took her class in the ATL! LOVED IT!"

Goode, DC, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “Loved it... Stevie Vallance is indeed a "Tour de force". As Pat Fraley would say..."makes me wanna go sell shoes"

Guiseppe, Roy Berlingieri, 1-day, Toronto, ON: “Thx Stevie Vallance for an amazing workshop well worth the wait!”

Hall, Carly, 1-day, Toronto, ON: “What can I say? Your class yesterday was life changing. You changed the way I approach my work (not only for voice over but for acting in general). You changed the way I think about my work (ALL for the good). I just can't believe that in 6hours you had such an impact on me.”

Hoppe, Nathan Toon Demo, Toronto, ON: “Thank you so much for helping me get here! So much fun and hard work. I'm so grateful and appreciative for your guidance! See you soon! You're amazing!!!”

Hynes, Phil, 6-week Masters, Toronto, ON: “Stevie, I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful 6 weeks. I learned so much from this class, more than I even thought I would. There is a lot of talent in our group and you helped bring it out for all of us. You are kind, encouraging, and so much fun to work with. I wish you the best of luck with Corus. I know I'll be continuing with VO and I hope our paths cross again. I am interested in the intensive class, I just have to see if my wallet will be too. But even if I don't come to your next class, I'll be at one again in the near future. I'll be active in the group and I look forward to our little reunion in December. So with all my heart, thank you. :)"

Johnson, Rhomeyn, 2-Day, Demo, LA, CA: “Oh by the way... I booked an on camera show as a African diplomat. The work we did in your workshop and on my demo helped a great deal.. I beat out the real Africans at the audition! Lol”

Jones, Jonathan, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “So fantastic, it's worth listening to 5 times in a row!”

J., Stacey re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “BRILLIANT, AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING!!! Stevie Vallance is all that and more, thank you so much for sharing all the inside scoop with us and for just being YOU!!! This is a BUZZ that will surely keep helping people and be watched for many years to come!!!”

J., Joe, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “More spot-on insights... It's like you're inside my head... AH! YOU'RE IN MY HEAD!!! (and a lovely voice, Ms Cline).”

Kato, Chris, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “Just watched both parts. I think those five points are spot on and equally applicable to stage/screen acting, as well. But it was very illuminating getting to know you through that, Stevie!”

LaShea, Jason, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “I just caught your appearances on VO Buzz Weekly!  Hooray!!  It was wonderful to hear you share all those juicy tid-bits and insights.  It was almost like being in your class again!!  ;-) I had no idea that Marsha Goodman played such a pivotal role in your journey!  I just had the extreme pleasure to work with her for a few weeks and WOW!!  Such a wonderful, down to Earth person and what an expert ear and tactician.  I really learned a lot from her...especially about the rigors of long form Animation!  Anyway, just wanted to congratulate you again on a coupla KILLER episodes.”

Line, Rik, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “Great job Stevie! ! Chuck and Stacey, awesome interview, great dynamics and charisma that I felt while I was watching it. I smiled, I laughed and I really enjoyed it.”

Luey, Rufio, 6-week Masters series, Toronto, ON: “I can tell it's going to be an awesome 6 weeks! :)”

Luzi, Phil, 1-day, Toronto, ON: “Hi Stevie! Just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to meet and work with you. Fantastic workshop! It got me excited to be in the booth and get creating!!! I would love the opportunity to work with you again!”

Masson, David, 1-day, Toronto, ON: “Had a blast! Learned lots! Thanks for a wonder-filled day Stevie. What a fun group full of great characters. Learned lots. Laughed even more.”

Mel, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “Oh my... that lil lady is a BEAST!!! Can't wait for Part 2! Her new personalized nickname from me is "The Hammer", because she hit the nail on the head so much in Part 1... I'll be wearing overalls and a hard hat next week for Pt. 2. Thanks for the dose Chuck and Stace, I'm ridin this buzz out... Lol”

Melendez, John Robert, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “Thank you for letting me into the secret group and major thank you for the tremendous amount of insight you brought to the last two VO Buzz Weekly shows. Wow, first three words!”

Kristina Meisner, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “I just saw you in VO Buzz Weekly and I thought you were just so AMAZING!! Thank you for all the great info!!!! I was taking notes like crazy! LOL I'm newly back into the industry, after being out for about 15 yrs, maybe one day we will work with each-other!”

Micallef, Kevin, Director/Producer Corus Ent: “You were excellent today!! You even brought a new spin to several characters which we loved -- great instincts.”

Millar, ‘Toons O’ Toon’ Geordie, 1-day, Toronto, ON: “THANKS very much for an unforgettable incredible experience Ms. Fabulous noise Guru. You are an absolutely brilliant teacher, and an incredibly gifted sonic boom force of nature. Thanks for your honesty (You can be as brutal as you want!) with me and for your encouragement and patience I have a great framework now to re-frame a new demo, and will be doing that over the next few months. You are the Bomb.”

Moxey, Jane, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “I enjoyed the energy of all involved with this show! So much great information for the animation actors. A peek behind the curtain of how it really is. Thanks for sharing you guys! As a PBS narrator voice and on camera pledge talent, it's fun to imagine extracting all the other characters in me!”

“Neely, Mark, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “Stevie! Amazing to hear you with Chuck and Stacey! I'm 1,000% with you.”

Norcom, Amy Carter, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “I'm a huge fan of Chuck and Stacey and yours is one of my favorite interviews, Stevie Vallance!”

Quesada, Barbara Salisbury re VOBuzzWeekly interview: Hi Stevie! I just finished watching the 2nd episode of you on VO Buzz Weekly, and I have to say, for anyone watching it, that your enthusiasm and energy are completely contagious, and this is just one of the reasons why working with you is such an amazing experience! Seriously, people, she's an AMAZING coach and just so much FUN to work with! I'm still looking for a workshop so I can hang out with you in person!!!"

Richardson, Tom, 1-day, Toronto, ON: “Great workshop today. Thanks Stevie Vallance!”

Robinson, Brenda, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “It was awesome - love you guys and Stevie - great tips!”

Russell, Bill, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “You had me at ‘I'm in my kitchen...’ Ha ha! I'll be watching it again before my performances at the Voice2014 Convention in Anaheim to fire me up!! Love you.”

Sani, Ana, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “I just watched your VO buzz weekly episode (both of em!) and it was SO FABULOUS. I learned so much just by listening. You have such a wonderful, engaging energy! I feel lucky to have you as a director! :)”

Shining, Pavitra, 1-day, Toronto, ON: “I really enjoyed it and look forward to the 2 day you might run in the spring :) Thanks again for sharing your passion and brilliance -- it's so inspiring to witness someone "making a living" doing what she loves :)”

Stewart, Beth, re VoBuzzWeekly interview: “Okay, so I find it incredibly unfair that I have to wait for another week for part two. Stevie, you are just adorable & I could listen to you all day every day. Fact.”

Thomas, Joe J, re VOBuzzWeekly interview: “Spot on with all 5+++ rules, Stevie (and Improv!) Thanks Chuck and Stacie.”

Daniels, Zoe, 6-week Masters series: “I had a great time! I'm sad I've got to wait two whole weeks for the next one.”



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All in alphabetical order, with last names first.

Agler, Dave, 1-day, Columbus, OH: “It’s been a while since the workshop you did with us here in Columbus, OH, back in June, (I was the guy that voiced Marilyn Mink). I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for your kind instruction, and for giving so much of yourself in your teaching. You workshop was the beginning of the path that led me to quit my job and start my own VO business, and I am so happy to be on this adventure.”

Allan, Ron, 1-day, Columbus, OH: “You were FABULOUS!!! The positive comments keep coming in this morning.”

Anonymous, 2-hour ‘Intro’, ACTRA Conference:
“Like Most:
·         Stevie Vallance.
·         Passion.
·         Stevie was amazing.  Really smooth workshop.
·         Very specific skills discussed and demoed.
·         The energy, reminders, tips, fun, great examples.
·         Stevie’s passion.
·         The guest speaker, Stevie Vallance – electric!  Most entertaining and useful workshop I’ve been to in ages.
·         Awesome.  More of that!
·         Stevie Vallance was great.
 What could be improved?
·         Union should invite her to Sunday’s class.
·         N/A.
·         Not a thing – perfect seminar.
·         More of that!”

Bartley, Greg, 1-day, Phoenix, AZ: “Had the most AMAZING day with the most AMAZING Stevie Vallance and the 1 day Tooned In workshop!! Met some equally amazing VO'ers too!!! Thanks to all, including Johnny Suru, founder of Lazy Ape Studios for making it such a great day and I hope to see some of you again soon!! Stevie....what can I say except....YOU ROCK!!! Hope I get the opportunity to work with you again!!!!!”

Binder, Steve, president at Binder Management; a division of Rodan Productions, Inc., LA:  "I have worked with Stevie and I can assure you, she is a talented and total professional you will love working with. Out of 5-stars, I would give her a 6! Details of the Recommendation: "Stevie Vallance is an incredible actor, director, singer, coach and whatever job she sets her mind to. She is well respected by her fellow workers and I highly recommend her for any job she pursues. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative."

Bolitho, Carley, 1-day, Phoenix, AZ:  “Ah! Oh my gosh, thank you so much for sending this. What a terrifying yet educational experience! I was absolutely stunned by your wonderful seminar and would love to work with you more through Skype and eventually make a demo... Best of luck to you in Atlanta and beyond! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and passion with us.”

Bollinger, Barbara, 2-day, Atlanta, GA: "You are amazing! Your energy!  Your ability to draw us out on our asses! The fabulous directing TO RISK, to go where we have not gone before -- all with such love, talent, humor, intelligence, experience, and organization. I learned so much this weekend. Thanks for the encouragement!  I’m really excited about animation after the weekend. I never thought it was something I could do. Now I’m exhilarated from learning new things and techniques that really make this possible!!!  Your talent, expertise, direction, enthusiasm, and BRILLIANCE lead to an amazing synergy with fellow actors. Thanks everyone for a memorable and fun learning experience. Stevie’s enthusiasm and energy were contagious and RELENTLESS!  Her skillful direction was spot-on and full of techniques and ideas for finding the characters within. It was a weekend kinetic, energetic, visual, a little mental, yet filled with heart, feelings and emotions. All for the purpose of RISKING (letting go of being an adult)  to find new ways to creatively express. The synergy of the group setting was amazingly and surprisingly safe for experimentation among other committed actors.  I would highly recommend this workshop! It really was a creative “shot in the arm” and “goose in the butt” to move ahead:). I LOVED you, our group and wouldn’t trade any part of it! Goal is to book Doppler and have an animation track by the time I see you again at VO2014."

Bongco, Joby, 2-day, New York, NY: "This was some of the most fun I've had being told I can be a 5-year-old again. Incredibly thankful for everything I've learned already and can't wait to see what happens tomorrow. Only wish it wasn't just a 2 day course.

Bonita, Anita, 2-day, New York, NY: It was a privilege to be in the room with such a talented group of people, and I'm looking forward to hearing great things out of the lot of you! I have spent decades casting, directing, and producing every other type of voiceover ... so please allow me to express my admiration for the amazing job you do in getting the best out of a talented group. An excellent director is SO important to the process."

Broomes, Abayomi, 2-hour ‘Intro’, ACTRA Conference: "HAD A Good time and learnt alot!!!!! It is DRACULA!!!!!! Muhaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Thanks for the workshop really informative. I will be calling ACTRA to tell them........ that when everyone is a participant every one HAS FUN!!! AND YOUR WORKSHOP WAS just that FUN!!!! Everyone wins!!!! and to have you come back every time!!!!! if you have the time. Thanks again!”

Brown, Mike, 1-day, Toronto, ON: “Thanks again Stevie for opening my eyes and reminding me what true optimism feels like. You're a rare gem and an expert in your field.”

Chan-chan, Channie, 1-day, Toronto, ON: "Spent an AWESOME Day with ALL these fantastic people experiencing an Adult Animation workshop under the exceptional guidance of Stevie Vallance. For those who know me well, I was with kindred peeps letting my "child-self" come out to play!! WHAT-A-DAY!! More P-L-E-A-S-E!! ️I'm still winding down... Glass of BRANDY in hand, to round out a fantastic day. Awesome group of people. Learned from everyone. Thank you all & thank you Stevie for giving us a safe place to let loose and play!!!!”

Christie, Carrie Ragsdale, 2-day, Atlanta, GA: "Wow! What a fun first day at Voiceover City with Stevie Vallance. My head is reeling with new ideas.  Huge and heartfelt thanks to Stevie Vallance &Tooned In! Workshops With Stevie Vallance, Gerald Griffith & VoiceoverCity, Doppler Studios,and Jeffrey Umberger for their generous leadership in creating such a wonderful space for fun, learning, and growth. I am so proud of and inspired by the level of creativity and fearlessness from all of my fellow work-shoppers this weekend... Your workshop in early 2014 was such a game-changer for me artistically and I cannot thank you enough!  I'm so grateful I had the time and funds to be a part of it all.Enjoy Atlanta once again!  We're so lucky to have you back!”

Cluever, Matthew, 1-day, Phoenix, AZ: “Thank you Stevie Vallance for the great learning experience and the fun we had today!”

Coloma, Deb, 1-day, Phoenix, AZ: “Had a major blast today at the Phoenix VO Animation taught by Stevie Vallance... Animation domination!... I was actually channeling my 15 yr. daughter Isabella when I was at the mic, I told her when I got home I was a rapping panda and she inspired me, she thought alright, so you LIKE my IGGY rapping ...   :-) The workshop was informative but so eye opening, and I have been using some of the animation techniques and applying to the scripts I was voicing yesterday, they really sounded so fresh and on point, thank you for this!! Your workshop was so very liberating, animation can simply become addictive... and you are the coolest chick everrrrrrrrrr”

Danko, Jennifer, 2-day, Atlanta, GA: "I have to sincerely thank Stevie Vallance, Gerald Griffith, Jeffrey Umberger, VoiceoverCity and Doppler Studios!!! What an amazing 2 day workshop with Tooned In!!! I feel very honored and privileged to have meet and worked with other voice over talent under the direction of Stevie. Education, tricks, workout, being pushed to you limits, sharing the room with wonderful talent….. Nothing short of amazing!! THANK YOU!!!"

Daron, Steve, 2-day, Miami, FL: "Had a wonderful time.

Delaney, Kati, 2-day, New York, NY: Class was incredible today, thank you so much! Loving the homework.  All homework should be this fun!"

Delonga, Sandy (Everett's mom), Skype-session: “What a treat to have Stevie Vallance right in our kitchen!  Everett's session with her this afternoon went really well. The instructions on how to connect to our live session with her through TryOut were super easy to follow, and the whole thing happened seamlessly. The sound was clearer for them both when they worked on ear buds, so I couldn't hear what she was saying to him, but I could hear the progression in his reads as he followed her direction.  What a difference 30 minutes makes when you're with a great coach! Everett said, ‘it was a lot of fun, it wasn't too long, I wasn't nervous at all by the end, and she was awesome.’  Thank you for providing this great resource for kids.  We're looking forward to next time!”

DeVenne, Suzanne Louise, 2-hour ‘Intro’, ACTRA Conference: "You made a fantastic impression! Kudos."

Dillin, Sean, 1-day, Phoenix, AZ: “Stevie Vallance is the real deal. I am so proud to have worked with and learned from the best! Incredible workshop! Learned so much. Get into her workshops!”

Dorus, George, 1-day, Toronto, ON: “Thanks for allowing us to play in the sandbox. Your direction and enthusiasm is contagious. Looking at this photo of the participants , when I look at the faces all I hear are voices (It's been a week already since the workshop and I am still hearing ‘voices’).”

Durham, Marcus, 1-day, Atlanta, GA: “It was such a pleasure getting to meet and work with you, and a fellow jazz musician to boot! I look forward to catching up again. Sorry, I had to dash off, please let me know where I can pick up your CDs.”

Enfinger, Carole, 2-day, Miami, FL: You are amazing! So professional and yet always with humor! I'm so happy you came to SE FL to share all your wisdom! You are the best!"

Feldner, Kurt, 1-day, Columbus, OH: "What a terrific time last night at our April meet-up! Stevie joined us from her cabin in Southampton via Skype to share some great information about animation voice over. She gave us a little taste of what to expect when she comes to Columbus June 28 for her 1-day workshop... you left a lasting impression & motivation on everyone last night!"

Fleishman, Stefanie Paige, 2-day, New York, NY: “Thanks Stevie for an amazing weekend! I learned a lot and had tons of fun!”

Flores-Holz, Sandi, 1-day, Toronto, ON: “Absolutely awesome day! thanks, Stevie!!”

Francis, Cameron, 1-day, Atlanta, GA: “Had a great time today with Stevie Vallance and all the great Atlanta VO talent at the TOONED IN workshop! Thank you for hosting such a great workshop! I got a lot out of it. Tools that I will definitely be using for my upcoming auditions. You are such a fantastic director!... I had a lot of fun at the workshop and gained some invaluable tips that I'm not only applying to VO character work but also to my theatrical and on camera acting. Gold, I tell ya! :) "

Futrelle, Katy, 2-day, Atlanta, GA: "It was FABULOUS!! Absolooootely BRILLIANT!!! Thanks for the best blooming class EVER - you are the most amazing teacher and you know how to make everyone feel at ease with falling flat on their butts!!!!  Woo-hoo!!! So much fun and packed with the best info!”

Gale, David, 2-hour ‘Intro’, ACTRA Conference: “Thanks for an absolutely brilliant workshop this afternoon. The members were blown away by your knowledge, positivity & tremendous energy.”

Gerardi, Mike, 1-day, Columbus, OH: "Had an awesome time and learned a lot. Thanks a lot to Stevie Vallance, Ron Allan Fouts and James C. Minter for setting this up."

Gray, Wayne, 1-day, Columbus, OH: “Hope you had a safe, smooth trip home. I sent word to customs to make sure you stayed in this country. See how much pull I have with customs?  I want to thank you for a wonderful experience on Saturday.  I'm speechless as ways to describe how much the day impacted my life.  I am still processing.  I'm dreaming how awesome it would be to earn a living at having so much fun.”

Graydon, Jennifer, 2-day, Toronto, ON: "It was such an amazing experience!

Haft, Michelle D’Alessandro, 2-day, Toronto, ON: I really enjoyed learning from you - still processing all I got out of your workshop!! I actually have an introductory meeting with Roger King this afternoon!"

Harrington, Rhona, 1-day, Toronto, ON: “Wanted was a great location! Your workshop was THE BEST! Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge Stevie! You are fantastic!”

Hipp, Karen M. Hunter (Meliah’s mom), VoiceOver Atlanta 2014, Kids in Animation: “I just have to say once again, as a "MOM" of a child participating in the Youth Program, We had an Amazing time! We were able to participate in Sessions on Friday and all the youth presenters on Sat. were simply Outstanding!! Joe Loesch, Noelle Romano and Stevie Vallance Taught the Youth so much and made it such fun!! The small group of youth allowed for many, many one on one experiences and much more information than many of us expected! Meliah Loved the Idea of Christian Books from Joe and his amazing voice talents. She LOVED the Script time with Noelle Romano and the the Amazing Stevie Vallance was nothing short of Brilliant!! She used every single second of her time with the youth....Including working through their break on Scripts to study and come back and perform! Not only did she give one on one attention to each child several times, She provided encouragement, energy and feedback to each of them. To top it off, Stevie Recorded each of the children with the professional Mics all set up in order to send them their own Mp3!!!! My goodness, what a treat that was for them and will be for them again when they get it in the mail! As a Mom, I was thrilled and Happy with every single thing throughout the weekend. We got our $$ worth and then some. I just want everyone to know that the "YOUTH" at VO Atlanta 2014 Rocked Also! **Thank you Stevie Vallance for working my daughter Meliah to Physical and Mental Exhaustion with your session on Sat.!! She is a better Voice over Artist and "Person" by stepping out of her comfort zone....’NO STINCKIN THINKIN’!”

Hon, Shelly, 2-day, Toronto, ON: “Loved your workshop so much. I just read up your work on IMDb. You've done soooo much amazing work!! I love how you've been a Carebear!!!! Omg!! I love them so much!! Awesome class! Great group! Lots of fun! Learned lots! You are soooo amazing Stevie Vallance!!!”

Hon, Shelly, 2-day, Toronto, ON: “I just landed my first audition! Stevie's Workshops are amazing! If she's ever in your town, you've got to sign up! She has such incredible energy & talent! She has super powers that can transform you into any character you want! Oh, such fun!!!”

Huston, Brian, 1-day, Toronto, ON: “One thing I really want to say to you is you were fantastic. They way you developed that room and worked with every single person individually. Watching you direct everyone’s monolog was like watching  a professional. I wish I had that much influence or direction to my artists when they are in studio...hahaha But all seriousness, it was a pleasure being your class and I would like to do it again in the near future. Perhaps a 2 day course or one on one. I`m not 100% that every animated character would work for me but would prefer your professional opinion on it. At minimum, I can use my voice over for some of my projects. I`m Executive Producer for a documentary film that Marty Katz & Don Allen are working on for one of my bands, Triumph. We make a ton music videos where we use voice over so it will definite benefit in some manner...”

Iceton, Tish, 2-day, Toronto, ON: “I had a lot of fun and really came away with some new insights. Watching you throughout the day though, was without a doubt, my favourite. You really are an inspiration!!”

Ingebritsen, Helen, 2-day, Atlanta GA: “I need to let you know that I had a major blast in your class.  I learned so much in such a short amount of time, and got quite a workout in the process.  I mean 'workout' in all senses of the word... heart and soul, mind and body.  Thank goodness I was wearing comfortable clothes and shoes!  Thanks for your passion in your teaching and for your students."

Ingram, Mark, 2-hour ‘Intro’, ACTRA Conference: “Thanks for the add Stevie. Your workshop at the ACTRA conference was wonderful - very inspiring.”

Jeans, Deborah, 2-day, Miami, FL: “I will be in touch. I loved the class and am excited to know that I have a coach with your talent (for me you are a dream come true ). My thoughts on the class to SAG/AFTRA... “The animation voiceover acting workshop with Stevie Vallance was an adventure that took me beyond the horizon of my comfort zone. However, I loved every minute of the challenge because the workshop was supportive, fun, energizing and creative. Stevie Vallance’s talent shined through each and every student as she directed us through the process of developing cartoon character voices. THANK YOU.”

Jutzi, Alison, 1-day, Toronto, ON: “Thank you so much for such an inspiring experience yesterday. I feel so energized! This was exactly what I needed. Thank you thank you thank you!”

Kaszerman, Nancy, 2-day, New York, NY: “Thanks for a fantastic class!!”

Kay, Ed, 2-day, Toronto, ON: “Stevie is a gifted voice director and actor in her own right, and beyond that, is a brilliant teacher and mentor. Stevie's workshop teaches you to "fall on your ass" as she puts it, and take the creative risks that make the difference between an okay performance and an outstanding one. Whether you're a voice actor, or a show-runner/writer like me, Stevie's workshop will train you to see characters and dialogue in fresh ways that will make your work more dynamic and alive. Highly recommended!"

Kay, Edward, 2-day, Toronto, ON: “Did my first-ever voice-acting session today! Thank you Stevie Vallance for being such a fantastic voice director and coach. So interesting to be on the other side of a script. Hope to do a lot more of this!”

Kaye, Michele, 1-day, Toronto, ON: “What a fantastic workshop! I would love to work with you on a demo if possible.”

Kennedy, Vicki (Faith Rennee’s mom), VoiceOver Atlanta 2014, Kids in Animation: “Just got your email about taking the survey. I’ll complete that online, but I wanted to thank you personally too, and tell you what a great workshop with Stevie Vallance Saturday! It was packed with information and we enjoyed every second of it. Faith Renee was totally worn out towards the end. I actually don’t think the kids could have gone longer than they did since Stevie gave them (and us moms) such an energetic, fun VO workout. We didn’t even miss the delay of the few minutes at the beginning, since we didn’t take a break other than a quick bathroom run. Stevie enlightened us more than I ever could have imagined. It was so much fun, that we mothers were finding ourselves doing her exercises also. I was actually a little disappointed when I read on the paperwork that parents should not attend, but Stevie allowed us in and that was really kind of her. She said it will help us to direct our children knowing what they need to do and I agree totally. I’ve already put Stevie’s direction to use with Faith Renee.”

Ku, Esther, “2-day, Miami, FL: What an amazing workshop!!!! Loved it. Had so much fun.”

Kruz, Alex, 2-day, New York, NY: “Oooh the secret group! Stevie Vallance You're AMAZING! Thank you! Wish we could keep her in New York! Great Artist, Teacher, and Coach!”

Lands, Wendy, 2-hour ‘Intro’, ACTRA Conference: "I can't wait for my next animation audition -- I'm going to use the fantastic tips and trick you shared!! You are a great teacher, Stevie! Thx."

Lawrence, Samantha, 2-day, Toronto, ON: “I just had THE BEST day at Stevie Vallance's Animation Voice Workshop - imagine spending 6 hours watching Saturday morning cartoon - yeah, that. And I learned SO MUCH! You are an incredible artist and a powerhouse of a lady -- I can't tell you how glad I am that I took your class. You've opened up a whole new world for me. I've completed training on two continents, and I've never received the kind of training I got from you in two short days!  Amazing.  And you can definitely put that on your website. :-) I'm hard at work compiling the voices for my demo.”

Linde, Megan, 2-day, New York, NY: “Stoked for tomorrow! :) Can we just play like that every weekend? SO much fun, thanks Stevie!”

Litz, Tamie, Skype-Class for VO Pros of Columbus, OH: “Had a wonderful evening. Thank you Stevie Vallance for the knowledge that you shared with us. I value all of the guidance that I receive from the pros that will help mold me into a great V/O pro. I am excited to see how God is unfolding this new career for me.”

Martin, Chad, 2-day, Atlanta, GA: “What a great experience! Had a blast! Can’t wait to start working an using the information and skills Stevie showed us.  I would definitely recommend the class to anyone.”

St. Martin, Nicole, 2-hour ‘Intro’, ACTRA Conference: "It was great having you! Thanks for bringing it:)"

McKahan, Dave, 1-day, Atlanta, GA: “It was an absolute pleasure getting to learn from you and your exercises were amazing! I expected it to be fun either way but, i didn't expect to be able to take so much with me. It was very nice to meet you and i hope you have a safe trip back to LA. Also, thank you very much for creating the opportunity for me to meet with Jeffery in person again.”

Melita, Jim, 1-day, Phoenix, AZ: “Thanks so much for coming to Phoenix! It was a great workshop.; I learned A LOT! “

Michel, David, Co-Founder Marathon, Executive Producer of Totally Spies:
“Stevie's work on Totally Spies was intense and exciting. I was particularly happy with how involved she was with the series, which is not a given in this day and age of voice direction in kids' television. Expert, High Integrity, Creative.”

Mitchell, Jasmine’s Mom, VoiceOver Atlanta 2014, Kids in Animation: “Thanks to Stevie Vallance from Tooned In Animation Voice-over Workshops with Stevie Vallance for all of her INCREDIBLY insightful tips. This was our first VO event/experience (ever!) and she totally put us at ease with all of her wisdom and insight.”

Monaghan, Skyler 2-day, New York, NY: “Class so was so much fun today! Looking forward to another awesome day tomorrow!!”

Murphy, Vicki Lynne, 1-day, Columbus, OH: “Thank you, Stevie! YOU brought out the brilliance in everyone today!!! ;)... Thank you for such an incredible day! You are FABULOUS and a JOY!! I had a blast and I learned sooooo much! I will work on laughter, giggles, grannie voices, accents, the physical features of the character, noises, breathing/warm-up exercises, and having more flair/color, etc!! Great information and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and talent today. You are amazing and totally entertaining! I loved it all!”

Murray, Pat, 2-day, Toronto, ON: "I just wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to you. I have not been so challenged in years, and I have no idea if I have what it takes, but I'm sure willing to work my ass off under a director of your stature. Your honesty, compassion, experience and unlimited creativity has me spellbound. Your style is one with which I most connect and have rarely experienced with other directors."

Neibert, Ross, Father: “I was just reading the below post and what Sandy DeLonga had to say about her son's session, with Stevie Vallance. After reading that, I wanted to add my $.02. SO, here goes! My son, MatthewJacob Wayne, had the enviable pleasure of working with Stevie on Homeplate Entertainment's ADR production, for Disney JR., of the animated series 'Guess How Much I Love You', as the voice of 'Little Nutbrown Hare'. Stevie was AMAZING, in bringing out the very best in Matthew's talents as a voice actor and those were 7 months, of weekday afternoons in the studio/sound booth, with Stevie Voice Directing the series that are invaluable, to this day, for Matthew as a voice actor. PLUS, he takes some of that experience with him, in front of the camera too, as a theatrical and commercial actor, in television and film, both. My point? If you have a chance to work with, or have your child coached and mentored by this incredibly gifted lady, RUN!, don't walk, to her site and sign up!!! THANK YOU, Stevie, for all you've done, for so many voice actors all over N. America and probably the world, through the magic of the internet, and especially, for my son, Matthew!!! OK... gang! “

John E. Nelles, 2-hour ‘Intro’, ACTRA Conference: “This was an awesome, wonderful workshop, Stevie. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise and enthusiasm with us."

Nicky (Conference Committee Chair), 2-hour ‘Intro’, ACTRA Conference: “Thanks so much for offering your time and expertise at the members' conference. The feedback was fantastic!  I hope you enjoyed yourself.”

Paden, Audu, Senior Director and Supervising Producer of Polly Pocket, Mattel:
Stevie is a delight to work with! She has voice directed a number of Mattel's television specials. Her passion and personality add lots of energy to the production! Personable, Good Value, Creative

Paoli, Gonzalo, Voice Direction by Stevie Vallance (Stevie’s group on Facebook): “Ok, I just re-read everything, and I realize many are going to see this as shallow/shameless butt-kissing, but I don't care. It needs to be said. I just got done watching part one of your interview, and to heed Stacey's call (just in time for your birthday, no less) I wanted to tell you "what a great asset you are to the business" (as she put it) as a professional with all the amazing work done through the years as an on-camera actor, voice talent, coach and casting director! Not to mention your workshops, advice, social media connections (I met you through linkedin, for instance), and the opportunity you give us all by allowing us to "know" you and be in touch with you through here. Most people this high up the ladder are usually very distant, but in looking for new talent you open your doors to a whooole bunch of people wanting to work in this field, and you make us feel incredibly welcome in this space. Thank you. And the way you let people into the group, your welcoming and friendly nature, the way you are with your co-workers, your family, your dogs, etc speaks volumes of what it must be like to know you as a human being. The more I read back what I'm writing the more it makes me feel like it might come off as pure, unadulterated butt-kissing, but these are things I've been noticing since I connected with you and have been wanting to express to you (as a sincere thank you). There is something very very special about you, and I want to make sure YOU see it too! Take this day to celebrate who you are, what you've accomplished, and what you're helping others accomplish in a field most people call a "crazy dream". If this comes off as shameless butt-kissing, I SWEAR it started out as a sincere thank-you for what you're doing here. I have no idea what happened on the way. Besides, as you said in the interview, you teach it yourself. Have a great day, and again, thank you for everything!"

Parker’s Mom, One-on-one Video Lesson, on "Now my son doesn't actually "perform" at anything, but I knew that he would love learning about cartoon voices and how to do them. So earlier this week, we met with Stevie Vallance via video on the Tryout website and he got to learn a few things from her. We had a half hour long session and she taught him how to use different expressions in his voice. It was so much fun watching him and he really enjoyed it! He definitely wants to do another session with her. The thing I love most is that Stevie was very encouraging with him the entire time. He had zero experience and didn't know exactly what to do, but she walked him through everything, telling him how great he was doing the entire time. I think that stuck with me the most because encouragement is so important to kids and it really helps to keep their interest in something that they love. Now, what I didn't know before all this is that Stevie was 'Whazzat Kangaroo' on the show Zoobilee Zoo. I used to watch that show when I was a kid and that was my favorite character! I wish I'd realized that when I chatted with her the other day. I totally would have told her!"

Persaud, Ryan Kevin, 2-hour ‘Intro’, ACTRA Conference: “Thank you for the voice class today! It was awesome.”

Petitt, Alisa, 2-day, Atlanta, GA: “Again, what a FABULOUS class—LOVED it! You are so amazingly talented and I feel confident about moving forward because of all you taught us—wow.”

Pollari, Danielle, 2-hour ‘Intro’, ACTRA Conference: “I met you at the ACTRA conference last weekend. I was the one you told to do kids voices because of my little, high voice. I am so happy I had the opportunity to meet you and learn from you. I am trying to break into the industry of voice animation and you inspired me so much! I enjoyed your little workshop more then any work shop ever! You are so cool it blows my mind, I want to be just like you one day.... Once again thank you soooo much for inspiring me! Can't wait to start my working on my demo reel and working extra hard to break into this amazing industry.”

Purcell, Wendy, 2-day, New York, NY: “Thanks for a great weekend!!!!!”

Quesada, Barbara, Skype Masters: “Another great coaching session with @ToonedInClass ! Stevie is tapping into my inner drama queen... : )”

Radovnikovič, Mario, 2-day, Toronto, ON: "This is the most amazing experience in my life!!! You have no idea of the energy level this gives you!!! I should of done it years ago!!! I loved the way you pushed me into uncomfortable territory. This is what I needed and I thank you. On my way home on the train I felt blessed to be taught by such a professional. I also got to meet other wonderful people who enjoy being creative and having their envelopes pushed too. People who live passionately teach us how to love. People who love passionately teach us how to live. I FEEL HAPPY :)))) Onward and Upward!!!


Rae, Risa, 2-day, Atlanta, GA: "Thank you! It was so much fun filming. Please add me to your Canadian shizzle! On my way to finish up recording for my regular demo:) Thank you for everything this weekend. I had such a great time and learned so much. I love falling on my ass!"

Rivers, Joyce, 2-hour ‘Intro’, ACTRA Conference: “Thank you Stevie! that was amazing work and lots of great info about this industry. I hope to catch up with you at the next workshop."

Rizzo, Dana, 1-day, Columbus, OH: “Thanks so much for today! I doubt I was one of the "stand outs" of the day, but I learned SO much and was able to get way outside my comfort zone. I look forward to developing some characters (I was playing with that for the entire 3 1/2 hour drive home!) and giving animation scripts a shot, on top of that all of your techniques will vastly improve my reads for commercials and even narrations! Which means even more jobs doing something I love! It was truly a great & joyful day!”

Robinson, George,1-day, Atlanta, GA: “This was a blast. A couple years ago I attended the 2 day Pat Fraley toon workshop in LA. That was good but the chemistry of this group of talented characters and the energy Stevie brought made this truly a memorable experience. I LOVED IT!”

Robinson, Moniece, 2-day, Atlanta, GA:  "Another great Tooned In! Workshops With Stevie Vallance! Ready to leave Atlanta and get back in the booth. Totally falling on my butt more this time around :)
Sheppard, Julie, 2-day, Toronto, ON: Thank you for your awesome workshop...what a workout!  You are an energetic, inspiring artist and teacher. Thanks, also, for your invaluable 'biz' tips!"

Rose, Tammy, 1-day, Phoenix, AZ: “You really inspired me. Thanks so much. I had a fantastic time and can't wait to start implementing your techniques!"

Sanchez, Leticia, 1-day, Toronto, ON: “I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for all the advice you gave us. You are a very inspiring person and an amazing teacher. Your energy and the love for your art are contagious. And there are 2 things I will always remember: "Be brilliant" and "Don't change, keep your accents, be who you are, etc..." You teach with a lot of insight and energy which makes your workshop fun and lively. So, I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul ;)”

Schrock, KJ, 1-day, Columbus, OH: “Thanks for the GREAT day, Stevie!! What a pleasure meeting you and being able to absorb some of your absolute excellence!  I hope you enjoyed the rest of your evening in Columbus and had a safe and ‘comfortable on your back’ return trip to Toronto. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement and shall reward you with a spider goulash…just kidding. (Bugs Bunny reference?)  :-P You have an incredibly gifted and giving spirit and it was easily detectible as you worked with members of the group; I love the passion you bring  to your work.  I know when someone such as yourself does give their all in these types of endeavors, that virtue actually leaves them as they impart their gift to others and I could certainly sense that you had been drained as we spoke outside when leaving the building; else would I have pressed for the opportunity to drag you along with me to the birthday party I attended after our event or to a later dinner. Look forward to a 2 day event at some future point!!”

Scott, Raymond, 1-day, Columbus, OH: "I'm still exhausted… and not just from the long drive home! Ms Vallance was fun, as were the colleagues in attendance."
Scott, Rishma Malik, 2-hour ‘Intro’, ACTRA Conference: “What a bright light, the voice master #StevieVallance!... it was a true honor to work with you, listen to you and share in your experience, heart and wisdom!... Wonderful!! A pic of the work in action! Amazing to be laser directed by you today Stevie Vallance!... So excited!! Found my ‪#‎NewTeacher‬ at the ‪#‎ActraConfrence2014‬. Was one of ten participants selected to study with the Emmy winning ‪#‎StevieVallance‬ and I gotta say..... MAN do I LOVE ‪#‎voiceanimation‬! Getting up to 'cold read' in front of a full full auditorium three times to play different characters was ‪#‎liberating‬! No thinking just gut, ‪#‎heart‬&soul! I won't retire! Thanks ACTRA, you have made me proud today!”

Shear, Paula, 1-day, Toronto, ON: "Wonderful day with Stevie Vallance, who is one talented gal with a wealth of information!"

Sheehan, Catherine,  6-week Master Skype series: “You rock, sister!! Just got out of a session and saw your notes!  My dear, you brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for your unparalleled kindness! I am over the moon and so excited. That feels amazing...Thank you so VERY much for another great session today.  You just fill my soul and make my week.”

Shriver, Ray Scott, 1-day, Columbus, OH: “This was TOO fun! I am impressed by how much talent exists in the midwest. Love to all.”

Shuster, Tina, 1-day, Ohio: “Your workshop was wonderful!  I got the audio from Ron of me doing Violet.  As I listened to it and your coaching I thought  of ways I could do the character even better! I have used your techniques when doing children's audiobooks. It was so helpful!”

Stamp, Nicole 1-day, Toronto ON: “Just wanted to say THANK YOU for an amazing workshop last weekend! I had a blast and felt so invigorated and excited about it afterwards. Have had some wonderful auditions in the last week as well. :)  You're awesome. Thanks so much for the kind words and encouragement!”

Steele, Shelly, 1-day, Atlanta, GA: “Hooray! Graduate of Tooned In! Thank you for a remarkable day! An amazing cast too!”

Stewart, Beth Winsor, 2-day, Atlanta, GA: "Found myself sitting in the ATL airport talking back to Super Bowl commercials. Aloud. With feeling. And arm motions. I blame it on the Stevie Vallance high. Thanks, Stevie, for an amazing weekend. Thanks so much, Stevie-- you shared such wonderful insight and energy ...what a great weekend."

Stone, Elinor, 1-day, Phoenix, AZ: “Had a BLAST at Tooned In Animation Voice-over workshop with Stevie Vallance! Had fun with some really fun people!”

Stoney, Jonathan, 1-day, Toronto, ON: "1,000 mile trip that was completely worth it! Just try and find a better group of people to be locked in a room with for 6 hours. A real whizzpopper of a class (and teacher of course!)"

Tannous, Christina, 2-hour ‘Intro’, ACTRA Conference: “You were inspiring, thank you!!!”

Test, Gregory, 1-day, Phoenix, AZ: “Thanks again Stevie, this was truly an awesome workshop! I learned a ton, had a blast doing it and meet a really great group of people to share it with. I can't wait to learn more and get out there.”

Tiedemann, Gary, 2-Day, Chicago, 2012 (Update sent in 2014) “I hope you're doing well and had a great holiday back home! I just wanted to let you know that I've settled a bit more into LA, am rep'd by DPN, and have already started working! Since getting here, I've done two commercials and am recording my first audiobook. I talked to my new agent about submitting me for animation projects, and I'm pretty sure you'd love the answer I got. Suffice it to say I hope that you and I stay in touch directly :)”

Tina, Shuster 1-day, Columbus, OH: "Stevie was fabulous! Very inspiring! I think I was at least 7 different characters while tucking my children in last night!"

Tucker, Marlene, 2-day, Atlanta, GA: "Had a ball.....lots of exercises....I'm excited about tomorrow! Awesome lifetime experience! blessed to be trained by Stevie Vallance and deemed an official Toon!


Tracey, Bob, 2-day, Miami, FL: #thebest. 

Ullrich, Paul, Animator and Webmaster at The Winnipeg Model Railroad Club, Winnipeg: "I participated in a brief workshop held by Stevie Vallance at the Ottawa International Animation Film Festival in 2010. I'm a tall guy with a deep voice, but when she got me on stage ( yes, it was before an audience, and it was a full house) she decided to coax a Marilyn Monroe imitation out of me! Believe it or not, she managed to coax the long dormant "Tootsie" inside me, and we were a hit! Of course, someone put it on You Tube

Umberger, Jeffrey, 2-day, Industry Guest, Atlanta, GA: "What a great workshop with Stevie Vallance. Tooned-in! through VoiceoverCity at Doppler Studios! Great talent performing today, and so glad I got to get a glimpse of you all, along with Stevie Vallance's brilliant direction! Thanks Gerald Griffith!"

Umberger, Jeffrey, 1-day, Industry Guest, Atlanta, GA: “You were great Stevie Vallance! I was so grateful to be able to stop by and watch you work again. Everybody really came to the party! Really fun to experience the excitement and enthusiasm, and witness the growth! Thank you!!!! :)"

Vallejo, Mayra, 2-day, Miami, FL: What a day we learned a lot!  Awesome!!! So glad I signed up and I want to remember everything I've learned so far!!! Thanks for sending the recordings so quickly. 

Wesson, Susan, 1-day, Toronto, ON: “Just wanted to say thank you for today.  It was truly delightful.”

Whittal, Ryan, 1-day, Toronto, ON: “You're such a pleasure to work with!  and I LOVE WATCHING YOU when working with others.... you truly are a master of this craft!”


Wilcher, Daryl, 2-day, Atlanta, GA: Love you, Stevie! ....YOU ROCK!!!! BEST WORKSHOP I’VE EVER TAKEN! Cannot believe how much I learned that was crammed into just 2 days.  I would have paid twice the price for this worksop! TOON 4 LIFE! :p

Wilson, Darrick, 1-day, Atlanta, GA: “Awesome workshop! I learned so much! Thank you Stevie!"

Young, Donovan, 2-day, Atlanta, GA: Thanks! Honored to be included. Workshop was quite inspiring, to say the least."



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All in alphabetical order, with last names first.

Abram, Dana, 2-day, LA, CA: “What a weekend! I'm exhausted yet amped! Thank you Stevie for helping me let go and take risks… I feel I really came out of a shell (not a twirly snail shell, but a huge, barnacle covered clam) I had shut myself inside of. I auditioned for a TV commercial tonight and applied many of the techniques I learned today. I really felt and heard a difference.”


Amos, Ben, 2-hour Intro, Atlanta, GA: “It was a lot of fun! It's always nice to work with folks who have experience in the trenches of LA!”


Arnold, Bryan, 2-hour Intro, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IL: “I am a student at S.I.U.E., and I want to thank you for your workshop a few weeks ago; Your energy was contagious, advice is invaluable, and your love for this business is refreshing. I plan on holding on to your lessons for years to come!” =) 


Bigland, Erica, 1-day, Vancouver, BC: “Stevie, you were so wonderful as a voice instructor that I will have a very hard time doing any other voice workshop in Vancouver as they will fail in comparison. I honestly feel a bit ripped off with ones I have taken in the past because they will tell you what is expected in the industry but no one has ever taken the extra step of showing me how to actually get there. Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge and in the effervescent spirit that you possess!”


Christie, Carrie Ragsdale, 2-hour Intro, Atlanta, GA: “Thank you so much for coming to Atlanta! Such fun and much learned. Hooray!”


Cocuzza, Peter, Professor, Theater Performance, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, 2-hour Intro, Edwardsville, IL: “Just wanted to formally thank you for the gift of your workshop today. It was both fun and inspiring to the students.... Half of my senior class was truly inspired by your workshop (and you) to the point of wanting to explore more voice work and thinking that they would like to make it part of their careers... Here's to your next Emmy.”


Cox, Chris, 1-day, Orlando, FL: “Your class I attended on May 18th in Orlando was non stop engaging and encouraging.”


Danko, Jennifer, 2-hour Intro, Atlanta, GA: “What an amazing time, very informative!! Thank you to Jeffrey, Gerald and Stevie for taking the time to share your knowledge of the craft!! It is much appreciated!!! The enthusiasm that Stevie exerts in her coaching is one of a kind!! What a great night!!”


Davis, Rob, 2-day, LA, CA: "The 2-day intensive at VoiceTrax West was one of the best animation workshops I've ever participated in. So many new ways to find the character… and barriers broken through.”


Derryberry, Matthew, 1-day, NYC, NY and Toon Demo, LA, CA: “Thanks so much for everything! I'm so glad I saw you at NY ComicCon and decided to jump on the chance to take that 1st workshop a few years ago. I don't think I can accurately express my gratitude in words.”


Dinsmore, Robert, Voice Direction by Stevie Vallance (Facebook group): "We're actors first, the funny voices come second. Nice youtube video Stevie. Great tip and so true about the characters. If the character has a history there are different situations that come up and with that a range of emotions that the character has.”


Futrelle, Katy, 2-hour Intro, Atlanta, GA: “Thank you, Stevie!! You were absolutely AMAZING and the incredible way you made all of us simply burst with energy and characters and WOW!!! Fabulous!! Thank you sooooooo much! Tremendously appreciated by all!”


Genther, Shawn, 1-day, Orlando, FL: “I was reminded why I have been working so hard to put myself through the paces of doing theater and short films, to get to my ultimate goal of doing cartoon voice work. It's the thing I've always felt myself best suited for since I was a kid.”


Geter, Kimberly, 2-hour, Atlanta, GA“Thank you for coming Stevie Vallance! We GREATLY appreciated that you took the time to work with us in the ATL!... I signed up for both days in February! It had been on my list for several months! I am finally able to take your workshops! Thanks for all you do! It really is cheaper than therapy! lol”


Griffiths, Gerald, 2-hour Intro, CEO of VoiceoverCity, Atlanta, GA: “Thanks to everyone that came out yesterday to take this an exciting and engaging event. We are very excited about the growth of VoiceoverCity and the privilege to be a part of your journey.”


Higgs, Samuel, 1-day, Orlando, FL:  “Glad to hear you made it home safely. Thanks for such an inspirational class, I got exactly what I wanted and needed to expand my skills as a voice over actor… I have a legend of characters within me ready to breath air. Your class has equipped me with the tools to give them voice, heart and soul.”


Higgins, Rodney, 2-hour Intro Animation Acting, Atlanta, GA: “BAM!! That was what I've been needing!”


Hill, 1-day, Rob (studio Recording Engineer, Ideas), Orlando, FL:  “We enjoyed hosting your workshop Saturday. You really gave them their money's worth.”


Home Plate Entertainment, Bill Schultz, Executive Producer of Wild Grinders (Nicktoons, Seasons 1 & 2), Los Angeles, CA:  “Stevie is a strong creative voice who works to make sure everyone is happy - and you get what you need.  She is collaborative and tireless in pursuit of the vision - and a great communicator!”

Hook, Dean, 1-Day, Vancouver, BC: “It was a great course - I’ve never sweat so much in my life.  It's always good to get some perspective by seeing how challenging other people's jobs are.  I have a whole new respect for the actor and the voice director... It was definitely a great experience to hang out with all of you for a day and watch each of you transform in front of the mic... If any of you ever make it up to "Deadmonton" please look me up. Thanks to all of you for being so supportive and, of course, a big thank you to Stevie for her incredible coaching.”


Janis, Doreen Pettigrass, 2-hour Intro, Atlanta, GA: “I learned sooo much invaluable information yesterday. Unfortunately, I had a bad head/cold and laryngitis so did not volunteer but took in all the energy around me! Thank you so much for teaching us to ‘leave the adult outside!”


Johns, Andrew, 1-day, Vancouver, BC: “What a blast that was today!!” 


Johnson, Rhomeyn, 2-day and Toon Demo, LA, CA: "Thank you Stevie for " turning the light on" for me!! I told a friend today that your workshop was the best of any kind I have taken since I have been in LA these thirteen years. Thank you for guiding me in my audition for the role of Meaty!! I can't wait to work with you on Wild Grinders!!!


Kennedy, Vicki (parent), re ‘R U Tooned In!’, a children’s show on YouTube, with ‘live sessions’ on “We saw it. It was great! You're so cute  and energetic. Love watching you. I like the way you started with him doing a read without coaching. What an amazing difference after a couple of tips. Faith Renee is excited to try your tips and do the Alan monologue.”


Kollock, Fleshia, 2-hour Intro, Atlanta, GA: “No Gerald YOU rock! I believe that was the liveliest meetup I have ever been to! Stevie is a beast, thank you for sharing with us Stevie we enjoyed having you ( as you can see from all the smiles in the pic). We look forward to you coming back to VoiceoverCity! Thank you also Jeffrey for sharing with us, we are always glad to have you.”


Kutz, Diane, 1-day, Orlando, FL: “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Stevie.  What a wonderful workshop today.  Learned so much and I'm so excited about the characters that I have found.”


LaShea, Jason, 2-day, LA, CA: “I just wanted to say thanks again for an eye-opening and jam packed, fun weekend!! I learned a TON and it was a real treat to be guided by such a wonderful director.  What a great introduction to LA and the wide world of Animation VO that exists here!! Rock on!!”


Lundquist, Ginger, 2-day, LA, CA: “I absolutely loved the workshop this weekend! THANK YOU so much, you put your whole body and soul into teaching us...AMAZING!”


Lynn, Lisa, 2-day, LA, CA: “I could not have imagined how I could have gotten more from a coach/teacher in one weekend than I did with you! I appreciate every bit of experience and knowledge that you shared with us and I cannot wait to put all of your tips, nuggets and teaching to work going forward!”


Mason, Tom, Executive Writer/Producer for Wild Grinders (Seasons 1 & 2, Nicktoons), re ‘R U Tooned In!’, a children’s show on YouTube with ‘live sessions’ on, Los Angeles, CA: “Hey - I finally got a chance to see this. Very solid. What I really like and what I think connects is to see how he improves from his beginning cold read, and that with the right direction from you for the second read and then the final, he's able to improve right before my eyes. It's good for him, but even better for you that you're able to impart small but significant notes to get him to improve. I think the length is just right - I think any longer and you'd need a second camera to keep from being too static. I like how you move around and come to the camera and then go to the kid, then back to your podium so that you create three areas for yourself to work in. I think the character drawing had just the right amount of detail - any more and it would be hard to read from where you held it and you'd need the expense of putting in an insert."


Mohninger, Derek, 1-Day, Vancouver, BC: “First off, thank you, Stevie. I had a blast partaking in your workshop, and I can see where a lot of your techniques can not only apply in stand-up and acting but in day to day life, as well. The warm ups and exercises can only contribute to confidence when it comes to breaking out of one’s shell and meeting people in all walks of life. I also have to say that it was a pleasure taking your direction. I have been a part of a few stage productions, and even though each show is run a different way, this is the first time I’ve actually felt directed. You know what you want out of someone, and you go in there and get it. That felt right.... Next, it was a pleasure meeting all of you. Honestly, I wish this workshop had been more than just a one day event so I could get to know you all better. It was definitely a treat to watch and listen to you all try on your different personnas and present them in your own fashion. As you could probably tell, I love to laugh, and you all had me in stitches... It was definitely worth the trip to the mainland.”

Murphy, Craig, 2-hour Intro, Atlanta, GA: “What an awesome session!!... It was such a pleasure to meet you yesterday! I'm still charged up! Who knew I had a large talking fish in me? ;) In addition to the couple dozen voices I came up with in the car driving home, I've come up with more today. Wow. I'm already registered for your February workshop! I'm following you and Tooned In! Workshops on Facebook, and I would like to be part of your private FB voice group if you wouldn't mind adding me.”


Neilan, Rick, 1-day, Orlando, FL: “I benefited with a valuable learning experience.”


Paden, Audu, Senior Director and Supervising Producer of Mattel (Polly Pocket, Monster High), LA, CA: "Stevie is a delight to work with! She has voice directed a number of Mattel's television specials. Her passion and personality add lots of energy to the production!" Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative 


Petitte, Alisa Riggs, 2-hour Intro, Atlanta, GA:  “What an amazingly fun and informative workshop we had yesterday--thank you Stevie Vallance!!”


Prouty, Alison, 1-day, Orlando, FL:  “Thank you so, so much for bringing Tooned In! to

Orlando!  I had so much fun falling on my ass, and trying new things, and

discovering different aspects of my voice to explore.  I never thought of

incorporating animal sounds (that cat meow is staying in my toolbox for future

villains and witches haha), or figuring out a character's laugh to find their voice. 

I'll definitely be using those techniques when developing characters for my demo



Radovnikovic, Mario, 1-day, Ottawa, ON: “Ever since Stevie Vallance appeared on the new RO a couple years ago, and hosted a workshop for beginners here in Ottawa, I began to live the dream of doing voices!!!”


Rice, Laura, 1-day, Orlando, FL: “I "get" where to find the voice in the laugh or animal. I "get" your concept and love it. I "get" the energy and going as far as you can and then to bring it back if u need to. I'm going to create each of my characters one at a time, like my new family.

Get to know each one, have conversations together. OH, its going to be so much fun!”


Robinson, Andrew, 1-day, LA, CA: “Mind. Blown.”

Robinson, Moniece, 1-day,  Orlando, FL:  “I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge.  Watching you direct was magical! I learned so much and am excited to apply what I have learned going forward.”

Schultz, Bill, Home Plate Entertainment, Executive Producer of Guess How Much I Love You (Disney Junior), LA, CA:  “I'm so glad you are a part of our team! It has been a pleasure! You bring so much -- I couldn't have asked for more!!!”


Sexton, Joseph, 1-day, Orlando, FL: “What a great day. Stevie is wonderful! Thank you, thank you.”


Shaw Kristen, Angell, 2-hour Intro, Atlanta, GA: “ Wow!!!”


Shutley, Sean, 1-day, Orlando, FL:  “Thanks @ToonedInClass! I had a great time in class today and learned a lot! I want to do more!... You and the class were incredible!”


Smith, Georgia, 1-day, Vancouver, BC: “Thank you for the amazing and informative class last Sunday. I took a lot from it, and it was nice to see you again as well.”


Sommerfeld, Mark, 1-day, Orlando, FL:  “Thank you for the very informative class! I plan on finding acting classes here in town to continue my education and look forward to your book!”


Steele, Shelly, 2-hour Intro, Atlanta, GA: “Thank you Stevie, Jeffrey and Gerald! A barrel of laughs and amazing training!”


Vallo, Steve, 1-day, Orlando, FL: “It helps to have a STELLAR coach. You can quote me anytime.”


Wilds, Heather, 2-day, LA, CA: “Was so much fun yesterday! Am still buzzing about it.  Thank you Stevie. You rocked my world!”



Bednarski, Laura, 2-day, Chicago, IL: “I attended the Chicago workshop with Stevie and it was the best workshop for VO I have taken. Many workshops talk about taking you to another level and hers actually will!!”

Burr, Jack, 2-day, Chicago, IL: "I am FEELING THE BURN!!! Thanks so much for coming to Chicago Stevie!"

Brame, Nancy, 2-hour Intro, Orlando, IL: “I wanted to thank you for your great workshop on Saturday… I learned so much in that short time! You were so kind and encouraging. Truthfully, ‘cartoon voices’ is not something that I had ever considered for myself before.  Now I feel that if there is an opportunity, I can at least give it a try.”

Corbridge, Jennifer, 2-day, Chicago, IL: "Best time EVER! Love all of you guys!! :) YES! I'm still high. I'm putting together my new home studio as we speak!"
Clark, Catherine Mary, 2-day, Ottawa, ON: “Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ottawa Toons were very lucky to have you for a bring out the awesome in people :-) “
Crivici, Christina, 2-day, Los Angeles, CA: "Day 1 of the LA Tooned In! complete! I learned something new in the first two minutes, Stevie is truly amazing!"

Esteras, Richard, 2-day, Chicago, IL: "I just wanted to say I miss you already!!! I can honestly
say that I listen to the stuff recorded from the workshop on a daily basis. I have let all the voice-over, improv and acting teachers I've had, plus family and friends, listen to it as well. Everybody has been impressed and most are amazed that I did all those voices. Your class was so great. It made me feel like I am headed in the right direction… I feel like this is where I need to be. It would be so much fun to be able to play a bad guy role for the look that I have and then also play a giggly panda bear as well in animation voice-over… I just want to thank you, Stevie. You are a wonderful person and I am glad to have met you and taken your workshop."
Foulds, Diane, 2-day, Toronto, ON: “Thank you soo much Stevie! What a fantastic, supportive and talented group of people. It was an honor to be a part of this group.”

Gooley, Christopher, 2-day, Orlando, FL: “After taking Stevie class she has opened my eyes into the voice over world… Not even a week after my class with Stevie Vallance and I get an audition for an Animation Voice Over Gig!!!... Just f**king take her class next time she does this voice over animation class!!! She is f**king brilliant!!"
Gray, Paul, 2-day, Toronto, ON: “Wow, just wow. What an amazing workshop. Stevie told me that this course would change my life and she was right. I had am amazing time and Stevie brought out voices I thought I never had. I highly recommend taking this workshop, she is the best in this industry.”

Haight, Susan, 2-day, Los Angeles, CA: "Thank you for a wonderful workshop!  It did exactly what I hoped it would do - it got me excited about creating new characters and helped me to add more layers and interest to the ones I have."

Holton, David, 2-day, Ottawa, ON: “I only wish I lived in LA and could study with you for months. I could really use that spark of inspiration and knowledge that you so effortlessly provide to those who are willing to take it from you.”

Kane, Kerri, 2-day, Orlando, FL: “Your class was so amazingly fun and I feel like I learned so much from it. I'm sort of a shy-ish person, but I felt great in there with you all and it was an awesome feeling getting "lost" in the parts. You're right, who needs drugs when you can do that and it's free? And who knows, sometimes, you even get paid for it!”

Khourshid, Kally, 1-day, Orlando, FL: “I had a fantastic time and feel that your seminar was richly full with so many gold nuggets that I can use as I pursue a career in the entertainment industry. You were so much fun to learn from, and it's very easy to see you have a passion for teaching and helping rising artists. Thank you so much for an incredible morning of learning and fun!”
Kusler, Sam, 2-day, Los Angeles, CA: "Thank you for a very special workshop it was really much more fun and exciting than I ever thought possible... What a treat !!...  It was like being in a living cartoon."

Laale, Jennifer, 2-day, Ottawa, ON: “ha cha cha”

Lane, Margrette, 2-day, Orlando, FL: “Amen!! Fantastic instruction!!...Had a blast the past 2 days in the Tooned In! Animation voice-over workshop! Thank you so much, Stevie Vallance, for sharing your gifts and passion with us!! What a joy to learn, be silly, and to meet new friends!! Thanks, everyone!!”

Logan, Catherine, 2-day, Toronto, ON: “I can't sleep and I'm sitting here at the crack of dawn sending you my thanks for your invaluable teaching and your words of support and encouragement. Who would have thought there could be a life changing event on the cusp of senior hood!?”
Marks, Bobby, Los Angeles: "Had a fantastic experience with Stevie and 8 fantastic voice actors. Thanks for stretching and filling me Stevie. MoFun."

Meyer, Craig, 2-day, Los Angeles, CA: "Thanks again, Stevie, for such a fantastic learning experience at Tooned In!  I was amazed watching my fellow classmates disappear into their characters and gained a new appreciation for just how much talent and hard work it takes to bring those characters to life. I've admired your work for over 25 years and it truly was a joy to meet you and hear your familiar (and incredible) voice in person from the perspective of a student… Thanks for giving me an excuse to finally learn how to roll my r's."

Mitchell, Earl, 2-day, Orlando, FL: “Simply have to give another thanks for all the teaching and guidance Stevie Vallance gave to me and the whole Tooned In! Orlando Workshop. Today I feel more inspired and driven than I have in a long time… Awwwwwwwwwwwww Stevie (said in an insecure, whiny, lost-her-mom-in-a-grocery-store, 12-year-old girl’s voice).”
Owen, Richard, 2-day, Los Angeles, CA: "What an awesome coach today... F*cking AWESOME!! Folks, if you are anywhere near Chicago when Stevie is giving her class, you simply gotta go! If you've got a shell, she'll get you out of it. If you're afraid of getting too big in your auditions, she cure you of that fear. The class isn't just for animation folks. What she has to offer works for commercials too! So grab one of the remaining spots and have a blast!!"
Pfitzer, Jenny, 2-day, Ottawa, ON: “A super teacher and a super bunch of students.”

Ranta, Travis, 2-day, Ottawa: “I had a blast and learned sooooo much about this awesome industry.  It was amazing to see how talented and dedicated everyone was. I don't think you could ask for a better teacher than Stevie, she was absolutely amazing!”

Robinson, Stephanie, 2-day, Toronto, ON: “I just loved your workshop, it really pushed me more than any I've taken before!! All the other workshops I've been to have type-cast my youthful voice and ONLY given me scripts for kids & teen voiceovers... so that is all I've ever done/been good at. I really needed to be pushed past my comfort zone because I want to be a 'utility' voiceover talent. Your workshop taught me ways I can work to increase my range and versatility. Thank you for sharing your wonderful insight and talent with us - I will definitely sign up for private coaching with you in the future and will recommend your Tooned In workshop to all my VO peeps!”

Russell, Bill, 2-day, Chicago, IL: "Tooned In Intensive… I have been educated. What a weekend! If you haven't done this yet, you have got to get it together and do this!... It was the best work out I've ever had. The most fun I've ever had. That's Stevie, and that is "Tooned In"! Ya'll be serious and git in there and git it, if yuh ain't gotten it already! Lawzee!"

Sas, Alanna, 2-day, Ottawa, ON: “It was the most fun (and terror) I've had in months! I must say, for once I wasn't nervous performing... and as for Stevie well, pfft, Holy crap. If you aren't inspired after two days with her, you're dead and just don't know it. Is she amazing, or what?”

Smith, Ryan, 2-day, Orlando, FL: “I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your workshop, and you, so much... I've never done anything like that before, or even thought about trying it. You lit a fire.”

Strossner, Maryann, 2-day, Los Angeles, CA: "Being of the “mature” persuasion, I’d like to say – this was one of the best workshops I’ve taken over the years. Great!  After being away from voiceover for a while, the workshop got my “tools” oiled and ready."
Tiedemann, Gary, 2-day, Chicago, IL: "Hey, just wanted to let you know that I just booked an animated commercial and I know it was totally because I was using the Toon-techniques you taught! Yayyyy! I love it! I'm truly grateful for the fresh inspiration in an art form that I've always loved so much"
Walsh, Heather, 2-day, Ottawa, ON: “Stevie is brilliant, and beyond a pleasure to work with. Best money I've spent in a long time… you blew a lot of misconceptions I didn't even know I had… Maybe this isn't such a pipe dream, after all.”

Wilson, Lori, 2-day, Toronto, ON: “Thank you so much for leading me through such an empowering, freeing and informative weekend… To be honest with you I was absolutely terrified to take the course! Although I’m a full-time v/o actor, I have always shied away from animation because I truly believed that I was horrible at) I was so scared to go into the booth the first time on Saturday to try on my first character that my stomach was in knots! But as the weekend wore on, I started to let go…. to allow myself to try, to fail and to sometimes allow a character to emerge that I didn’t know was inside of me. You are a kind, funny and supportive teacher and I had so much fun! I left your course resolving to take more chances in my career and in my life. I would absolutely love to produce an animation demo with you.”

Vallo, Steve, 2-hour Intro, Orlando, FL: “Holy freakin WOW...this woman is AWESOME !!! you need to do yourself a favor and check her out.”

Zawadzki, Blake, 2-day, Orlando, FL: “Had a blast at the workshop and met some very creative people.” :)

2008 - 2012

Barby, Ben, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  “Let me say that I had an AMAZING time at the workshop. I did learn a LOT and had a great time in the process.”


Beattie, Sue, 1-day, Ottawa, ON: “Enjoyed your workshop tremendously, my dear!  You are a real pro and you instilled wonderful, important tips.”


Benard, Marie, 2-day, Vancouver, BC:  “Holy HELL there were some incredibly talented people in that class!!! ... and I feel confident I can come up with characters and start putting myself out there online to start :)”


Blasingame, Jamie, 2-day, Los Angeles, CA: “Had an amazing time yesterday and am jazzed for the rest of the course!”


Bond, Gareth, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  “Just wanted to thank you again for an informative, inspiring, frightening and fulfilling day. It really was a great experience…one that I will most certainly be building on… I’m actually building a small Studio in my home… so I’ll have plenty of time to practice.  You really have an enormous amount of energy that you share willingly… and I can’t imagine having a better mentor as I begin a new chapter in my voice work.”


Bourque, Yves, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  “Thank you for bringing your animation workshop to Toronto. I absolutely enjoyed it from beginning to end… I would unreservedly recommend your workshop to anyone interested in doing animation.”


Carey, Phill, 2-day, Vancouver, BC:  “Wow! I can't begin to thank you enough for all your help and insight. I have had 3 screen auditions so far this week and I killed it in all of them. Thank you so much for reminding me why I want to be an actor in the first place! I some how forgot how much fun it is. I needed help in the voice world so I came to you and you far surpassed all my expectations. … I just booked 2, possibly 3, days on a really big show! Thanks for helping me get out of my own way.”


Craik, Jean, 2-day, Calgary, AB:  “I learned so much from falling flat on my face. You were right about the therapy part. I've opened up a whole new door for myself and am so looking forward to new experiences.”


Crane, Zac, 1-day, Ottawa, ON: “Taking Tooned In! was really a great thing for me. It really had a positive effect - I know that I have a lot of work ahead, but I am really looking forward to the journey!... It is the next morning and I am still ‘Tooned In!’. You were right. I have all this energy and I want to ‘channel’ it somewhere.  I will do as you suggested to the class, take an ‘improv’ class (Second City, Groundlings), or take the ‘Pro-level’ Tooned In! workshop with you and network with other workshop participants (already exchanged a few emails), etc... I have all this great energy and it’s thanks to... Tooned In!”


Crookston, James, 2-day, Toronto, ON: “In short... YOU were BRILLIANT!... My top 10 list for you…  1. You don't just know.... you can also do - and demonstrate. Walking the talk! 2. You are exceptionally supportive while challenging to stretch and bring out the best in others.  3. You are totally engaged, in the present with your clients at all times. 4. You give clear examples with real life situations.  5. You have a sense of humor and "lightness of being" in your doing.  6. You have abundant energy and passion for what you do - it really shows! 7. How you worked with (a younger student) was absolutely sensitive, patient, tuned-in, supportive, encouraging and celebratory for each yard he gained. You jumped right in and stepped up to bat - this wasn't an easy assignment.  8. You are very tuned in to your body and can translate feelings through it from your toes to the tip of your head into your voice and can change it up with lightning speed.  9. You also have fun in the process - rather than the "distant lecturer” approach.  10. You are a shining example of giving others permission’, allowing them to get out of their own way by setting the record straight on the mindset you need when working with others.


Crookston, James, Master’s 6-month, Toronto, ON: “I really noticed how well you listen; and appreciated the encouragement you gave everyone to go beyond their comfort zone. The inclusion of weekly ‘improv’ has really helped me be OK with going outside the box.”


Dagan, Ori, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  “’It's not about the voice’. That is so parallel to when it comes to jazz singing… particularly in the ‘Billie Holiday’ school of thought.  What you've taught me in a nutshell is it takes a great depth of sophisticated interpretation; of digging beneath the surface, in order to be a brilliant voice actor.”


David, Alex, Master’s 6-month, Toronto, ON: “I wanted to say again what a wonderful time I had at this month's workshop.  Every time I get in front of the mic, I find I'm a little more relaxed and the voices and intuitive aspects of the performance come to me a little more easily, without me having to think about it.  The two-person readings were especially fun.  It's so much easier and more thrilling when you've got someone in the booth with you to play off of.”


Dennis, Kevin, 2-day, Toronto, ON: “Subject: One of your Toons done good! Wanted to keep you updated on some news in my animation career because I still draw on my experience from your class each time I audition. I recently booked a guest star role on Super Why!, and just very recently booked a recurring villain-role on the new show Redakai, which will air on Cartoon Network in the U.S. This stuff is all in addition to my two full seasons on Busytown Mysteries as 'Goldbug'.”


Derryberry, Matthew, Master's Skype-6 series, Chicago, IL: “Just wanted to drop you a quick line and say THANKS again! There aren't words for my appreciation.”


Ellis, Lee, 2-day, Calgary, AB: “Just want to say thank you my teacher. I'm now doing voice-overs for museums and your training helped me get the gig. My voice will be greeting visitors and my own grandchildren, describing the details various exhibits for many years to come... Last summer I took your Tooned In! course here in Calgary. Thanks to your training. I just picked up a contract adding intro/extro vocal to 65 (yes 65) children's books from a west coast publisher.”


Fong, Eugene, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  “And to think, there I was all green and wondering on how in the world do I even get in touch with an agent, only to become flabbergasted when you bring the CEO of an agency in on the Sunday.  Wow! Thank you for such an amazing experience, I can only hope there will be more like that someday!”


Fraser, Mike, 2-day, Toronto, ON: “Just wanted to say thank you for such a crazy time!  I had lots of fun and I really learned a lot.  Every day when I drive to work I’m doing the face stretches -- I love it.”


Fraser, Shelley, 2-day, Toronto, ON: “Thanks SO much for a really eye (and ear) opening class! It's no wonder you're the 'Toon Queen'! Love the ‘character creation’ methods; the positive energy you put out there; and your commitment to the craft and those you teach. You took a lot of doughy people and formed us into fully baked cookies (okay, dumb analogy)! Sending my agent the latest, plus some new characters I felt pushing to get out. Your name as a teacher adds clout… Your workshop was a wonderful way to dig deeper.”


Gualtieri, Eugene, 2-day, Toronto, ON: “I had an unbelievably awesome time last weekend! Thanks for helping me get started on something I have wanted to do for years... It was well worth the wait ;) You are such a nice person and a really great teacher…. I'm focusing more on doing things that will make me happy and I think doing voice acting will be one of those things.”


Hepner, Shauna, Master’s 6-month, Buffalo, NY: “I enjoyed every minute and the time flew by. You helped me bring my passion to the forefront and I am ready to get my career of the ground.”


Houtman, Eric, Tweens (9-16 years), Vancouver, BC: “Thank you so much. You know I wouldn’t have a ‘voice career’ without you!”


Houtman, Tracey, (Eric’s mother and Tooned In! grad, re. Tweens), Vancouver, BC: “You're a wonderful teacher. Eric can now be viewed on YouTube for the ‘Loop Scoops’ pilot, for PBS Kids. Eric is the voice for ‘Oliver’. Thanks again for all your help at the kids’ seminar here in Vancouver!


Iceton, Tish, 2-day and Master's, Toronto, ON:  “Thanks again for a great time and an awesome learning experience on Sunday! ... I can't wait to get at it again!”


Imbrogno, Steve, (Stevie’s Forum, The Edge Studio’s ‘Talk with a Pro’ series, NYC), Philadelphia: “I attended The Edge Studio session you conducted tonight, which was excellent. Thanks again very much for sharing all your great advice…I'm watching old movies on YouTube tonight to get ideas. :)"


Imbrogno, Steve, 1-day, NYC, NY: "Thanks again for a great workshop in NYC last weekend. It was the shot in the arm I needed to get motivated about pursuing ‘animation voice acting’.”


Kawer, Alan, 2-day, Vancouver, BC:  “I can make a bad ass Italian mobster now from NY!!”


Lorenzen, Michelle (Re. International Animation Festival’s 2-hour Intro Workshop for Animators), Ottawa, ON:  “I attended your workshop on voice-overs today at the animation festival. I was the first time I've ever been "directed"; I was very impressed with you. You pulled some stuff out of me that I didn't really realize was there, whether it was any good or not. I had a lot of fun. I was your "lioness lady who hates children". It was kind of hilarious to me, because I have 4 children.”


Lorenzen, Michelle, 1-day, Ottawa, ON: “Loved the class today!! Now to process it all in my voice addled brain…. I got so much out of your course.  You really outline what it's actually all about.”


Lowell, Steve, 1-day, NYC, NY: “I have many layers to break down. You brought that out so quickly, I felt a bit shell-shocked when I got home… I will never look at cartoons the same way again… I’m tryin not to talk your ear off about it... which is hard for me. Haha… It was just a great class! I have been telling people about it all day… I love ‘improv’ btw. It was always my favorite class! I never saw how it was useful until yesterday.”


Lowenthal, Yuri, (Voice Actor, Wild Grinders Cast), LA, CA: “Vallance! What did we do to get so lucky?"


MacNeil, Lynda, 2-day, Vancouver, BC:  “I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed ‘tooning in’... The funny sounds are sliding into my normal life.”


Malinsky, Dave, 1-day, NYC, NY:  “I cannot begin to tell you how helpful your seminar was, both as a realization of my future career prospects and as an improvement on my own acting ability. I will recommend your courses to anyone and everyone I know who wants to get into cartoon voice over!”


Malone, Patrick, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  “I am really glad I took your workshop. I learned a lot and have the confidence to go forward…. I'm excited about doing my demo and am working on developing some characters and scripts for the demo. Once again Stevie, your workshop was the greatest!”


Marks, Robert, 2-day, Los Angeles, CA: “I really loved our time together. You really know how to access in depth. Stevie your caring and kindness with all the students is unparalleled. I felt really warm, open, willing and happy through the whole day. Great studio to be in too… ‘I can't give you the best unless I got room to move’,  Steve Miller… Got home and got an email that I am booked for a little ad for Slide Rocket for the iPad. It's woikin' It's woikin'!”


Madastrota, (YouTube comment on Stevie’s Forum, The Edge Studio’s ‘Talk with a Pro’ series, NYC):  “Very cool … I just got off the phone with her – it was a tele-workshop she was giving for people interested in doing animation voice-over … it was an excellent workshop and she’s an ultra groovy gal.”


McCarthy, S. Siobhan, 2-day, Vancouver, BC: “I read my son many stories a day always employing various character voices - each day I think back to my workshop with you and think to myself, well even though these character voices aren't ‘working’ for me right now in the ‘industry’ - they are ‘working’ at a much deeper level. Thank you so much for your gift! My son Phoenix thanks you too!”


McGowan, Catherine, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  “I think I can hear the beginning moments of "brilliance" as you put it -- soo coool!!!”


Miranda, Yvonne, 2-day, Los Angeles, ON:  “I have NEVER had that much fun at a workshop.”


Miranda, Yvonne, Toon Demo, LA: “I was literally blown away. I can not believe you were able to put together such an awesome showcase for me to present as I start my career in voice animation…. I know that I could never have done anything like this without you and I am so thankful to have taken your workshop.”


Miller, Steve, 2-day: Got home and got an email that I am booked for little ad for Slide Rocket for the iPad. It’s woikin’! It’s woikin’!


Moore, Derek, (Re. Stevie’s Forum, The Edge Studio’s ‘Talk with a Pro’ series, NYC), Vancouver, BC: “I wanted to say thanks for the call and all the advice you gave us, specifically for me:  how you said to play kids. As an example, ‘fat kids, skinny kids, strong kids’. That advice really opened my eyes and gave me a whole world of opportunity on what range I already have and how to access it.”


Paden, Audu, Sr. Director, Supervising Producer, Mattel (Monster High, Polly Pocket, Animaniacs), Los Angeles, CA: “I thought you were grace under pressure!”


Pappalardo, Elena, 2-day, Toronto, CA: “First off, I wanted to say a HUGE " THANK YOU " for such an AMAZING AMAZING workshop! Girl, you have a GIFT! You exude such passion… it's absolutely impossible not to be affected by your infectious spirit and fire! I had a wonderful Sunday and just wanted to thank you sooooo much!... I just love your directing / producing style, the way you teach and inspire and would be honored if you'd be part of this creative process with me (and guide me along and help me avoid BOMBING my demo!)… Also, I would like to pursue the 6-month Master’s Workshop… I know it's probably a natural progression to do the master class first and then do the demo… ”.


Pappalardo, Eléna, Master’s 6-month, Toronto, ON: “Had a fun class today (who are we kidding, it's always fun)!  As the spunky and sassy Stevie Vallance says: ‘F--K YOU, LOOK AT ME!’ Girl, I have this taped to my fridge…. Seriously, I'm using it as the MOTTO of my career right now. THANK YOU for that. You have no idea how powerful that sublimely eloquent statement is for me!”


Piselli, Anthony, New York Comic Con 2-hour Intro Workshop, NYC, NY: “Wow what an opportunity yesterday! You were FANTASTIC! Thank you for talking with me afterwards - it was such an honor and a pleasure to spend some time with you!"


Piselli, Anthony, 1-day, NYC, NY:  “What an awesome workshop it was!! Thanks Stevie!! You are awesome!!!”


Preston, Jon Eric, (Re. Stevie’s Forum, The Edge Studio’s ‘Talk with a Pro’ series, NYC), NY:  “Hi Stevie! Thanks for the call, great reminders.”


Radovnikovi, Mario, 1-day, Ottawa, ON:  “Let me start by saying I really had an amazing adventure with you… “


Robinson, Francesca, 2-day, Los Angeles, CA: “… It’s great you make time to teach people starting out. There's so many "pros" out there trying to sell people dreams instead of offering something concrete.”


Roth, Dan (Re. International Animation Festival’s 2-hour Intro Workshop for Animators), Fredricton NB:  “I took part in your workshop in Ottawa (You might remember the cackling Iron Maiden *laughs*). I got SO much out of the workshop, not only as a potential ‘voice’; but also on how to ‘act’, period. The ‘laugh exercise’, as simple as it is, is pure brilliance! I tried it over and over again after I got back; with multiple character types, from genocidal super-villain, to teeny timid and cutesy. It really did put me into a better mindset than trying to analyze the character’s motivations and essentially, ‘think’. Which leads to over-thinking. Which is why your 'don't think, just do' really makes sense when I contrast it to my previous approach.”.


Rumpli, Jeff, 1-day, NYC, NY:  “A GREAT DAY of pretending and laughing and finding the 'inner me'. Whether it's a swashbuckling pirate or a little field mouse. I still remember the class I took 2+ years ago in NYC. Latest news: I think I'm going to be a toy, actually, 2 toys.”


Schultz, Bill, Executive Producer Home Plate Entertainment, (Wild Grinders and Guess How Much I Love You), Los Angeles, CA: “I’m so glad you are a part of our team! It has been a pleasure!  You bring so much – I couldn’t have asked for more!!!”


Sommerfeldt, Rob (Engineer for Tooned In!, Bear Studios), 2-day, Vancouver, BC:  “I had a great time working on your session and would love to work with you again in the future.”


Stoked, Scott, (Re. Stevie’s Forum, The Edge Studio’s ‘Talk with a Pro’ series, NYC), NY: “Just finished listening to you on the Edge tele-workshop. Thank you so much for giving back and sharing your knowledge! It was incredibly useful.”


Stuchner, Joan, 2-day, Vancouver, BC:  “Thanks for the butt kicking weekend.”


Ullrich, Paul, (Re. Ottawa International Animation Festival’s 2-hour Intro Workshop for Animators), Winnipeg, MB :  “If I live to be 100, I'll never forget how you turned me into 'Marilyn Minx' at OIAF…. I also must say that I was very impressed with your energy!”


Viergever, Dru, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  “You are amazing and a true inspiration. You're so right about using the discs...  The lesson is absorbed afterwards, when listening to it! I would very much be interested in participating in a Master class… For now I just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful experience.  My eyes are opened to a whole new dimension of performing.”


Vishniakoff, Alexander, 2-day, Vancouver, BC: “I have yet to find a workshop that was more comprehensive and worthy than yours.”


1995 - 2008

in alphabetical order

Albanese, Linda, Masters, 6-month series,Toronto, ON: "I LOVED class today. I really, really liked having insight from you on HOW to approach getting into character. That just cracked a HUGE nut for me, in terms of auditioning. I just feel SO confident auditioning now… Last night I sat down and for the first time approached a script soooo differently… with confidence and with heart & soul.”


Allen, James, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  "Thank you so much for this weekend. I had a wonderful time. I know I was learning as I woke up each day (including this morning, much to my chagrin) at 5AM with my 'brain on fire', as I call it."


Allman, Deborah, 2-day, Vancouver, BC:  “Thanks so much for a wonderful, magical workshop.”


Atlin, Wendy, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  "The commercial work I have been doing so has not challenged me one iota in comparison to the animation exercises and thought process."


Auburger, Sonia, 2-day, Vancouver, BC:  “ALIVE, eye opening and liberating is how I would describe this workshop. Stevie is born to be in animation. Her enthusiasm, energy and dedication is contagious. It was absolutely amazing to witness her direction. I saw the students and my own fears disappear as we took Stevie’s direction in order to be able to really feel a character and to shine. This class also helps you have an understanding of what this field is expecting from you in auditions, demos and in professional etiquette. Anyone who is lucky enough to be touched by her true gift to direct is incredibly lucky.”


Bannister, Bob, 1-day, Owen Sound, ON: "First off, I wished to say Thank You again for offering this workshop it was absolutely amazing and an incredible growth experience. Fun is not a strong enough word to describe what I experienced yesterday. Just the experience alone of learning how to tap into those characters, not just voices, has given me the confidence to try a lot more when it comes to commercial reads and has made me hungry for more. I really feel that this is something I can do, no let me rephrase that, something I need to do. I know I cannot deal with the 'what ifs'."


Bechthold, Favio,Tooned In! Workshop, 2-day, Engineer, Vancouver, BC:  “I just wanted to say thanks for the experience of working with you - this last month was great!”

 Beecroft, Marty,Vancouver:  “You've got the magic touch to be able to pull the 'toons' out of us we didn’t know we had!”


Behr, Adam, 2-day, Vancouver, BC:  “It was an AWESOME experience learning with you I really enjoyed and valued the positive energy, directness and focus that you approached the workshop with, it really stimulated the learning process and allowed me (and ‘us’, I’m sure) to get the maximum benefit of all your extensive experience and talent. I can’t imagine how anyone in our group wouldn’t feel that Tooned In! has set them off to a flying start! So really - thank you, thank you again for a great time.”


Bell, Geordie, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  “2 words to describe what you did for me and probably everyone else in the class… ‘Absolutely’ and ‘Incredible’. Where you are able to take the inner spirit? Thanks for your energy and commitment to get the most out of us and the course was as I stated. Absolutely Incredible!!"


Bennett, Marcia, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  “Thank you so much for being such a wonderful instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed your class and I wished that it would last another few days as I learned so much. Anyway, I am eternally thankful for your guidance in that I NOW have the tools to perfect my craft in doing voice-overs."


Berryman, Tony, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  “Never has intense, rapid learning been so much fun!” 

Blouin, Ron, Vancouver:  “Had a great time in the workshop - learned tons with more than a few laughs I WANT MOORRRRRRRE.”


Breen, Leah, 2-day, Vancouver, ON:  “I would really like to thank you for everything that I learned in your workshop. It was by far the best workshop I’ve done. You really know what you're talking about.”


Budgell, Brenda, 2-day, Calgary, AB:  "Fabulous! Stevie takes you to places you've never traveled before!! love, love, loved the workshop!"


Buirds, Barbara, 2-day, Owen Sound, ON:  “It was the best lightbulb turned on in my head. Now I feel energized to focus on a 2nd career that feels so right for me. It’s a fabulous feeling to unleash a part of my soul that has been buried so long!”

Butler, Clint, Vancouver:  “Your direction is fabulous and your ability to take such a small piece of script and transform it vocally into a crazy, living character is fantastic! I learned a million things just watching your commitment and how you just took a breath and did it.”


Campbell, Sean, 2-day and Toon Demo, Vancouver, BC:  “Thank you for your wisdom and guidance in the demo process. I feel much more confident because of your influence.”


 Cannito, Alessandra, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  I just wanted to say thank you again for such an intense, fun and definitely educational workshop! I had a great time and learned things that I would never even have thought of for an audition."


Chamberlain, Diane, 2-day, Vancouver, BC:  “You draw characters out of me that I didn’t know existed. Your talent and skill as a director blew me away. This workshop has been a blast.”


Christie, Heather, 2-day, Vancouver, BC:  “This past Sunday was awesome, you’re incredible; you amaze me. I enjoyed listening and watching you. You’re such a rare soul. It’s fantastic.”


Clark, Justine, 2-day, Vancouver, BC:  “Stevie, your willingness to share your love of being a Toon with us and your skill in helping us find our 'Toons' was greatly appreciated! The direction and care I received in your class gave me the courage to shed layers of inhibition and catch a glimpse of the brilliance inside of me. 


Connor, Carol, 2-day, Vancouver, B:  “Watching your facial expressions change as you go into a character was awesome! Your class is non-judgmental, safe, fun and non stop high energy I have never had so much fun falling!”


Coull, Bill, 2-day, Vancouver, BC:  “Superb in every way.”


 Coussin, Jeff, 2-day, Toronto, BC:  "I was completely exhausted after that; a real eye opener.  I'm quite excited about the voice work and really want to pursue it."


Craik, Jean, 2-day, Calgary, BC:  "Thanks so much for a fabulous workshop, so glad I did it. You made it fun and exciting: I learned so much from falling flat on my face. You were right about the therapy part; I've opened up a whole new door for myself."


Crivici, Christina, Tweened In! Workshop, Vancouver, BC: "I just wanted to thank you so so so much for today. I had the best time and I learned a lot! I really so hope that someday not too far away, I can work for you or with you because I know it would be a blast. Thanks again!!"


Crookston, James, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  "I really noticed how well you listen and appreciated the encouragement you gave everyone to go beyond their comfort zone. Thanks so much again Stevie for your support and willingness to raise the bar."


Crookston, James, Masters, 6-month series, Toronto, ON:  "I really noticed how well you listen and I appreciated the encouragement you gave everyone to go beyond their comfort zone. Thanks so much again Stevie for your support and willingness to raise the bar."


Darin-Zanco, Dan, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  "The class was awesome!"


David, Alex, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  "I'm more versatile than I originally thought.  Thanks again for all your help and advice. It's made all the difference."


De Freitas, Rodney, 2-day, Toronto, ON: "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! :)"


Denbow, Howard, 2-day, Vancouver, BC;  “Tooned In!?... The missing link! Stevie Vallance?... Creative Genius!! Better than sex!!”


Dennis, Kevin, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  "I had no idea how physical the preparation could be for Animation."


DePaolis, Rocky, 2-day, Vancouver, BC:  “A REAL eye-opener in to the world of VO. Your direction made me accomplish more than I thought was possible. You are honest, have amazing energy and really care about your students.”


DerryBerry, Matthew, 1-day, NYC, NY:  "Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thanks again for an awesome class yesterday! I had a great time, & learned so much. I can't wait to get started. :)"


Diaz, Michelle, Masters, 6-month series, Toronto, ON: "Thanks for making my Sundays the BEST Sundays I've ever had! You truly are on of my Mentors for LIFE! I've learned so much and it has been a blast!"


Dimou, Maria, 2-day, Vancouver, BC:  “I had an amazing time at Tooned In!”


Ellis, Lee, 2-day, Calgary, AB:  "Last summer I took your Tooned In! course here in Calgary. Thanks to your training I just picked up a contract adding intro / extro vocal to 65 (yes 65) children's books from a west coast publisher. I could not have done this without you... I owe you a drink next time you're in Calgary!"


Emerald, Jarvis, Industry Guest, Toronto, ON: Here's what Jarvis Emerald had to say about his visit to a Tooned In Animation Voice-Over Workshop


Flemming, Murray, 2-day, Vancouver, BC:  "You certainly have a way at getting people to go further than their own expectations You should write a book!!"


Forward, Aaron, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  "You said the class was something that would help improve all areas of our acting and now I couldn't agree with you more.”


Gauthier, Gauthier, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  Where were you twenty years ago? I cant wait to get this going! This is something I have always wanted to do but didn't know how to go about it. Now that I do, I see a grand adventure opening before me."


Ghisi Gina, (Alberto & Nicos' mom), Tweened In! Workshop, Vancouver, BC:  "Just wanted to say thanks for today, the boys seemed to really enjoy themselves and felt they got a lot out of the workshop...They both had very positive things to say regarding the workshop."


Grant, Paul, 2-day, Vancouver, BC:  "Inspiring. You create an atmosphere to trust and respect. You've given me new eyes to see with and new ears to hear with. Now I can summon up your voice saying, 'Go ahead, fall on your ass!"


 Greenhouse, Kate, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  "I felt comfortable enough to fall on my face over and over again which was a good and liberating thing."


Hall, Emmit, 2-day, Vancouver, BC:  It called for a few grating and ‘back to basics’ moments, but you still kept it fun for yourself and that reminded us that were having fun too. You treated us all with the same respect and got us to work hard, willingly.”


Hamat, Elaine, Voice Agent, Industry Guest, Toronto, ON:    "I was floored by the performances; a reminder of the process my dear clients have to go through at these auditions. Seeing you in action - what a voice director is looking for.”


Hartmann, Paul, 1-day, Owen Sound, ON:  "I just listened to my CD and I was amazed at how different my characters were and how they would grow with each of your directions. Thanks so much for letting me do the workshop. I had a blast! I got the bug now and really want to do more."


Hawkins, Matt, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  "Excellent, practical info and learning by doing. I learned a massive amount and was also impressed with the ratio of info and actual working of our chops; my mind was racing with all the tips and tricks I learned."

Hawkins, Susan, Vancouver:  “Hey Party Popple, thank you for all of your wonderful tid-bits. You are an UNSTOPPABLE SUPERBABE and I believe that we have all been blessed by your presence.”


Hazlet, Ian, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  "It felt like you were throwing a party!"


Henderson, Adam, 2-day, Vancouver, BC:  “Stevie, you’re stardust, and you shine. Thanks.”

Hepner, Shauna, Calgary:  "Extremely fun and informative class.  Gave me a boost in confidence & my abilities. I LOVED the practice portion/speed round. Forced me to think fast & commit."


Hogarth, Susan, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  "Thanks so much for helping us fast-track to Toonsville. It's been a fantastic ride!!”


Holliday, Josh, Masters, 6-month series, Toronto, ON: "Thanks for helping me release the voices in my head!"


Houtman, Tracey (Eric’s Mom), Tweened In! Workshop, Vancouver, BC: 

Eric and I wanted to thank you for all your help and direction on Sunday and to let you know that it all paid off! We just got the call today that Eric got the part he "auditioned" for Tuesday! He's very excited and so glad he took your workshop."


Hughes, Rhiannon, Masters, 6-month series, Toronto, ON: "Thank you for creating such an awesome environment for us."


Iceton, Tish, Masters,  6-month seriesm Toronto, ON: "Great Stuff. I enjoyed every week... It was a learning experience listening to everyone else. I learned lots."


Jacques, Mini, 1-day, Owen Sound, ON:  "If you don’t sign up for this class, you’ll always be wondering… ‘what if?’”


Jamie, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  "You are a shining example of giving others 'permission'; allowing them to 'get out of their own way'."


Johnston, Heather, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  "I've learned so much about animation acting from you and from watching my fellow classmates. I feel like I have a good jumping off place to start to form my own characters."


Jones, Bryan,2-day, Toronto, ON:  “I was very impressed with your commitment, and energy levels throughout the 18 hours. Your ability to give every person attention and direction, as though you were hearing the first read of an audition, earned you a Teaching Emmy. You are entirely down to earth and incredibly humble for a woman with such talent.”


Judge, Doreen, 2-day, Calgary, AB:  "Always very supportive to all efforts regardless of the level of each participant.  Great pace. Wonderful resources... and tools at the Participant's disposal."


Kennedy, Kim, 2-day, Vancouver, BC:  “You really helped to bring the characters to life and to feel beyond the words."


Langdon, Robin, 2-day, Vancouver, BC: “It was just fabulous!!!”


Lawton, Laura, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  "I had a BLAST over the past two Sundays and I'm honored to have been in a class with such talented people!"


Leavoy, Heather, 2-day, Vancouver, BC:  "Thank you so much for an amazing class today! I learned a lot, had fun and feel very happy about the characters that we found. Thanks again for all of the information!"


Lawrence, Bill, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  “Thanks again for the quality workshop you put on in Toronto.”


Le Page, Tony, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  "I just wanted to say how amazing the workshop was. 'Blow the door open!' as you said."


Leslie, Tariq, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  I have taken several workshops in the last couple of years and it is rare to do one with someone who is passionate and who so clearly cares.”


Linsangan, Joanna, 2-day, Vancouver, BC: “Yesterday was awesome. You're so positive and full of energy! It really is very inspiring to meet someone so passionate about their job and about life and who is also so willing to share it with her students.”


Lowell, Steven, 1-day, NYC, NY:  "Thanks again for a great workshop in NYC last weekend. It was the shot in the arm I needed to get motivated about pursuing animation voice acting… I have many layers to break down. You brought that out so quickly, I felt a bit shell-shocked when I got home. I will never look at cartoons the same way again. It was just a great class! I have been telling people about it all day. I love improv btw. It was always my favorite class! I never saw how it was useful until yesterday." 


Luciani, Ricky, 2-day, Vancouver, BC:  “Good morning Stevie. I wanted you to know that I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED THE WORKSHOP!!!! I have been doing nothing but taking workshops and studying since I moved here and yesterday was by far the best one I attended. I feel very confident about going in to audition now. I hope that happens soon - I feel hot!! Also thank you for doing it for us even though it was a small group... but for sure you let us have it all. THANKS!!"


MacKenzie, Kathryn, 2-day and Toon Demo, Toronto, ON:  "I still haven’t come down yet from yesterday - Fantastic!" 


Malinsky, Dave, 2-day, NYC, NY:  "I cannot begin to tell you how helpful your seminar was, both as a realization of my future career prospects and as an improvement on my own acting ability. I will recommend.your courses to anyone and everyone I know who wants to get into cartoon voice over!"


McGrath, John, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  “You are a terrific director and coach. You know how to get the most out of a performer and how to get a performer to want to give you even more than they think they can give.”


McNichol, Valerie, Masters, 6-month series, Vancouver, ON: “Tooned Up! The Master Series was an excellent way to further developing my vocal skills. Stevie is an amazing director and teacher. She really helps you to create your own characters using specific techniques and drills (all on tape so you can listen and learn). Her guest speakers are most informative. The actual rehearsal and taping of a show was an invaluable exercise. I’d highly recommend Stevie to anyone wanting animation development. She's the best!”


McNichol, Valerie, Toon Demo, Vancouver, BC: “Thanks so much for facilitating my animation demo. Your coaching and direction were right on and it was smart to wait til Id finished your TOONED UP MASTER CLASS before recording the demo. I really have learned a tremendous amount from you. The choice of music and SFX are brilliant and the start and finish characters are perfectas well as the bits of dialogue chosen for each character. Very very professional Huge leap from my old one.”


Moore, Keith, 3-day, Vancouver, BC:  “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for getting reads out of me that I did not know I had the ability to achieve! It may sound like a bad infomercial, but I’ve had other voice instructors and I’ve bought almost all the voice over books, but it wasn’t until your class that I discovered I have all these characters in me and that I can do voice over work. Thanks for the great words of encouragement. I am so glad I took your class. Falling on my ass has never been so much fun! And that’s a good thing.”


Moore, Keith, Masters, 6-month series, Vancouver, BC:  “Stevie is very honest in her criticism. If you give a really good read she lets you know it and likewise if you give a bad read or don’t prepare very well shell let you know it too. I was able to ask a lot of questions (some really silly) and make mistakes that in an audition would probably label me as an amateur or worse. Recording the whole script gave me a real feeling and understanding of some of the pressures involved in recording a full show. You could feel the energy in the room. The guest speakers, working cartoon voice over actors and production staff, all gave wonderful advice and insight that you are not going to find in any book, how to video or most voice over classes.”


Mortenson, Kisa, 3-day, Vancouver, BC:  “It was so nice to have a chance to play. Working full time as an OT, I find my energy gets drained and pulled so I really enjoyed hearing people play and getting to play. When you were directing me, I really felt this surge of energy and a huge connection to you."


Murray, Kathleen, 3-day, Montreal, QB:  “Stevie, you are a magnificent teacher. We NEVER did anything WRONG. Your unconditional acceptance allowed for a safe sandbox and it made all of us want to PLAY! You’ve opened my eyes to a new world."


Nenoff-Marchese, Nicole, 2-day and Masters, Toronto, ON:  "Thank you for pushing me out of my wheelchair. Stevie, you really have the gift to teach. Your unconditional belief in each and everyone of your students is infectiously palpable. Your guidance is firm & direct yet gentle & mindful of our fragile egos. We arrived dreaming and left believing. Thank you for having the patience & brilliance to create such a safe space to be so vulnerable in. Time management was masterfully done although it was a jam-packed weekend. I never felt rushed when preparing or performing. The honesty & openness of the group can only be attributed to the comfort & support provided by Stevie Vallance & Jeff Wright (Workshop Engineer)."


Parker, Aileen, 3-day, Vancouver, BC:  “I had a super time. Your method of teaching was great. I found the entire course to be great fun – didn’t realize I was learning! It was fun being a kid again!!! Thank you for sharing your experiences - it couldn’t have been any better.”


Passion, Joe, 3-day, Toronto, ON:  "You've unleashed a beast. Woooooooo oo oo ooh! Just call me Wolfie. I had a great and rewarding time today. Thanks."


Pateman, Adam, 3-day, Vancouver, BC: “This has been exactly the outlet for creativity I needed to get things started.”


Phillips, Stan, Executive Producer, Madeline, Dic, Los Angeles, CA:  "Your contributions as a voice talent and singer would be more than sufficient to earn praise, but your gifts as a voice and music coach are exceptional."


Pourshin, Damon,Toronto:  Thank you for putting up with me. If I ever win an Oscar, I wont forget to thank you thanks for an amazing time!”


Pozsgay, Julie, 3-day, Vancouver, BC:  “It was a lot of fun! Thanks for the support and for creating such a warm, supportive environment. I must admit I was quite nervous and a little gun-shy but once I tried it the first time and got that out of the way, it was so freeing.”


Price, Kari, 3-day, Vancouver, BC:  “I was worried that your workshop may not have had enough information or practical time in the studio and I was surprised on both counts! You really do put 110% of yourself into the workshop and it makes everyone rise to your level. I am truly inspired and I believe you have given me the foundation, belief and courage to keep on this new course. Don’t stop caring so much. It is what makes you truly special.”


Provost, Lynda (Darien'a mom), Tweened In! Workshop, Vancouver, BC:  "I thought I'd send you a quick note to say how much Darien enjoyed your workshop yesterday!!!! He is raving about it and he has certainly learned a lot in the one day!!!! My husband really enjoyed watching also!!!"


Ritter, Paul, 3-day, Vancouver, BC:  Wonderful seminar for any voice-over artist regardless of level. Stevie’s energy is limitless and her style of coaching is both effective and reassuring. This course is a must for anyone considering a career in character work “


Rowley, Allyson, 3-day, Vancouver, BC:  Stevie, you are one of those rare teachers who tells us to take a risk and then really MEANS it! Thank you for providing a positive, fun, safe and encouraging place for us to REALLY go for it. It was so great to listen to my tapes at home and hear your voice in the background, offering incredible support and encouragement; as well as your insightful direction. You are the Fairy Godmother for all of us Baby Toons."


Schaap, Candace,3-day, Vancouver, BC: “I have taken many a workshop, class, course and session and never, until this one, have I experienced such a talented, creative, hardworking, and upbeat group of people.”


Schneiderman, Daniel, Masters, 6-month series, Toronto, ON:  "This experience was absolutely amazing and I'm so happy I finally did it. Thank you for all you taught me... your insight into the biz; and challenging me to improve each week; and to not be afraid to fall on my ass! Over all I just had a blast and I'm very excited about getting into this industry. YEEE HAW!"


Seguin, Sue, 1-day, Owen Sound, ON:  Your directing style really works!"


Sherry, Ivan, 2-day, Toronto, ON: "You reinforced my belief that I can work in the genre and I am writing to share a couple of recent successes with you. . . 40 episodes of dubbing for Metajets and a recurring principle on the second season of Dex Hamilton. I cant tell you the confidence that I feel going into animation auditions now . . . nothing but positive energy."


Smith, Ron, 2-day, Toronto, ON: “You encouraged me to take the little man off my shoulder and move in new directions."


Spackman, John, 2-day, Vancouver, BC:  “I thank you so much for your encouragement and support over the last 3 weeks. Your genuine interest in bringing out the 'Toon' in all of us made the workshop a pleasure to attend. Watching you work with your boundless energy and obvious love for Tooning was almost as much fun as my participation.You are an inspiration - a real pro. Your Emmy win was obviously well deserved. I would recommend your Toon Workshop to anyone who wants to get a taste of this exciting, fun art form; or to anyone who could use a therapy session to come out of their shell.”


 St-Pierre, Nathalie, 3-day, Vancouver, BC:  “You were very honest with what you said. Thank you for putting a child inside of me.”


St. Thomas, Clay, 3-day, Vancouver, BC:  "Tooned In! was fantastic! I was also very impressed by how much of yourself you give. You work harder than any of your students. Just watching your energy level is its own lesson!"


St. Thomas, Clay, 3-day and Toon Demo, Vancouver, BC: “There are characters living within you that you didn’t know you had. Stevie will teach you to let them out. Thanks again for your support and talent as a coach. I think you’re extremely encouraging and positive while still pressing for the very best you can get out of the talent. Not an easy combination.”


Tait, Michael, Woodbridge, ON:  "I not only had an incredible time, but I also learned heaps... The voices I did for the demo tape are just that, 'voices'. I now see the difference. I really didn't put the energy into them, focusing more on the voice. Sunday's course was a real eye opener and you are a phenomenal instructor, by the way. Animation is all about energy and my next demo will reflect that. Can’t wait till Sunday (good bad blood blood)."


Tait, Michael, Toronto, ON :  I’ve been working at a downtown company with over 1000 employees - and your professionalism, high energy, ability to make your points clear, manage a class so that long winded people don’t waste everyones’ time; the list goes on is really unmatched by anyone I have ever worked with.”


Taylor-Platt, Rozalynd, 2-day and Masters, 6-month series, Toronto, ON:  "It was amazing what 'Toons' you found inside us! I am now sure - more than ever - that I would like to pursue this career!"


Tisserand,Rose-ann, Producer/Bardel Animation, Industry Guest, Vancouver, BC:  "I just want you to know it was a pleasure and I am more than honored to have been asked to share in your class and more than that, to walk along side someone that strives to bring integrity, passion and professionalism to our business (that would be you). Qualities near and dear to my heart!"


Tobin, Len, 2-day, Buffalo, NY: “It was wonderful having your experienced perspective of the business to guide us. You are an incredibly gifted teacher and your love of voice acting shows in every fiber of your being. With your dynamic energy and passion you brought out the best in all of our group."


Tom, Marilyn, 2-day, Toronto, ON: “I can’t believe how much inner energy and drive you were able to pull out of each and every one of us! Characters that we didn’t even know existed were brought to life and given the ability to mesmerize the audience. Your on-point voice direction, continuous cheerleading and overall support makes you truly shine! THANK YOU AGAIN FOR SUCH AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!” 


Toth, Andy, 3-day, Vancouver, BC:  “Some directors/teachers/facilitators can sit there and bark orders and demand what they want from a person. You on the other hand go right along for the ride and support the people you are working with so well."

Trewemen, Charles,Vancouver:  “Just the best ever workshop! Each class was stimulating and encouraging.”


Unger, Eden, 2-day, Calgary, AB:  “It was great! Inspiring!”

Van Wijk, 3-day, Brendan, Vancouver, BC:  "The generosity of your energy is amazing. It was obvious that you were really dialed into everyones' personal reasons for being there, and this helped to create a real 'family' or 'club' atmosphere that made it all the easier to stampede over our inhibitions... Your Emmy Award-winning ability was like an elephant in the living-room: REALLY hard to miss."

Warren, Jeff, 2-day, Ottawa, ON:  "I think I'm still coming down from the workshop in Ottawa yesterday. The monologues and your hammering home of the key points still reverberate loud and clear. Awesome stuff.."


Welsh, Ann, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  "Your workshop was really worth waiting for!"


White, Helen, 1-day and 2-day, Owen Sound, ON:  "Thank you so much for your guidance and patience Stevie. You bring out the "beast" in people.........haha!!!!"


Whyte, Tim, 3-day, Vancouver, BC:  “Stevie created a great environment to create & fall on my butt.”


Williams, Blair, 2-day, Toronto, ON:  “There was no room for jaded cynicism in that studio!”


Wilson, Karin, 3-day, Vancouver, BC:  “You’ve taken me in some amazing directions I never thought I could go in. It’s a tremendously intense class – so much so that I'm sweating!!!! Thanks again for helping me get in touch with a whole new part of myself. It was amazing and I don’t think Ill ever listen to cartoon voices in quite the same way again. thanks again for all the energy you devoted to the class. It was so clear to me that this something you are truly passionate about! You are very gifted.”


Woods, Kelly, 2-day, Ottawa, ON:  "As Yogi Bhajan used to say (keep on) being the lighthouse!"


Wright, Katey, 3-day, Vancouver, BC: “I am still processing everything we did in the workshop, but for now let me just say THANK YOU - I have learned so much, and everything you showed us is already informing my work as a performer in all other areas - singing, stage acting, everything. Thank you for sharing so generously of your gifts AND of your techniques.”


Wright, Naomi, 2-day and Masters 6-month series, Toronto, ON:  "I had such a fabulous time in your workshop. You are a such an inventive performer and you have a remarkable ability to teach what you do."


Young, Caroline, Voice Agent, Industry Guest, Vancouver, BC:  "It was a pleasure to participate and I felt it was probably as educational for me as it was for the class participants."